Friday, December 08, 2017

Favorites Updated

So once again I've been reading back in the ol' blog archives and came across this one about some favorites of mine in random categories.  I don't know from whence it came but I thought I'd give an updated answer to these very important questions. Since it's not terribly long, I think I'll just re-post the original and add my new answers for comparison.  I'll make my additions blue. This was originally published May 27, 2011, and here's the link if you just need the original for some reason.



Smell: lilacs. I really think it might be my most favorite smell of all the smells. I went to the botanic gardens recently and i rediscovered this drug of a scent. Lilacs are still up there.  These days I'm loving nature smells in general-- the rotting dying leaf smell--ah yeah.  A few weeks ago I was obsessed with anything minty or any kind of cleaning agent. I wasn't like, "sniffing" anything per se, but i may have been tempted. I told a friend this and she said she heard that was due to a hormone imbalance, so that's cool.  I'm not as obsessed these days, so maybe it's passed. -- you know, my hormones.

Pen: Pilot G-2.  Is there anything better? Seriously. Yes, there is, Past Jen.  And it is the 0.5 muji pen. .38 if I have some serious fine-writing needs.  They are my FAVE and I'm really excited for you to discover them in a few years. 

Recent lines on TV:    on Golden Girls last night:

"Eat dirt and drop dead, Trash!"   

I'm just waiting for an opportunity to use this on someone. Will it be you? Only time will tell. And you should be so lucky. [bonus point: who said it?] This is so funny. Good job watching GG, Jen.  By the by, in case you were waiting for the answer, it was Blanche.  I have a friend who is a GG expert. I saw her compete in a trivia competition and was super impressed.  I'm trying to think of good quotes of late...   Well, I was watching some random show when I fell down a Netflix rabbit hole one day. It was called Time After Time and it was not what I thought it would be. I hardly remember it but it starred Maggie Smith (Lady Grantham from Downton Abbey and Prof. McGonagall from HP) and she said something very smart and I jotted it down. It was this:

"Very few people realize they don't know what they feel until they're at least forty."
It's great, and also pretty sad.  And something I feel hopeful to say that will not be true for me. I'm kind of regretting this blue text. It looks like I'm just inserting huge fatty links.

Also, watching a BBC show, a young bullied but tough girl shoved her female classmate against the wall with her fists in the bully's face:  "See these? They smell like dead girls. Think on!"   Also waiting to use this one.. sort of.

Hand soap: Mrs. Meyer's.  I love her. She smells so good, in all her varieties. Guess what, everyone. Mrs. Meyer's is out and Seventh Generation is in. It's a dollar cheaper at Target and I love the scents. Also TJ's has a minty one (go peppermint!) that i'm in love with.
Shower soap: Dove Sensitive Skin.  Still Dove Sensitive Skin.  I tried Dove Regular which my skin immediately rejected because it apparently has harsh chemicals and broken glass(???) Why, skin. Why. Anyway, so I had to revert back, and now I know.

Song: basically any song Julian sings. He has a lovely singing voice but also, he often chooses his own lyrics which are: "bus."  That's all.  Like,  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with just "bus."   Picture it. Sing it right now. So funny (and innovative).  This is so adorable, I can hardly stand it. Singing songs just using "bus."  -ha ha ha.  Let me think.  Well I don't know if this would count as a single song (it wouldn't) but I've been watching some Grantchester lately. It's British and takes place in the late 40's? And the main character, a pastor, loves Jazz and plays it to wind down and i was like, I'm into this. I'm going to find a pandora station. And I did and I LOVE IT.  It is the best kind of jazz (my station is called "Early jazz") and I pop it on all the time but also when I'm baking a thing and it's the best background music. So chill and calm and makes me feel all old timey and simple. Or like I live in a simpler time, rather, ha ha. 

Movie: Confessions of a Shopaholic. Yep, I just said that. Alright, obviously that's not my favorite of ALL TIME, but I do like it and it is a mega-guilty pleasure. It's just funny to me, alright? and it's been on TV a lot lately and i keep staying on it and watching it and I don't know why. I'm so ashamed. But at least i'm honest. Oh laws. So I hadn't seen this in a long time and I put it on a few weeks ago. Remembering enjoying it back then, I tried to enjoy it like I had and I couldn't! It was pretty lame. I thought Isla whatshername was funny'ish and Hugh Dancy is still nice to look at but honestly, all I could really connect with was the background, the set, which was the streets of NY, and I cried like a little girl.  On that homesick note, I watched the movie Brooklyn a few days later about a girl who moves to Brooklyn and feels homesick. It was a lovely movie and her experience really falling in love with the city hit some chords.

and on that note, Man celebrity:  Hugh Dancy.  He-LLO. Yeah. I don't know who I'd say now. I'll have to come back to this one.

War: WWII.   Lately I've been reading a lot of books and things set during WWII and I really love it. I love stories of hiding from and escaping the Nazis.  And about the way people thought during that time, people's individual, personal stories. I am just fascinated. It's almost surreal to me. Every time I spend some time reading, thinking and learning about it I wonder, how did that happen??  And stories of survival and people's will to live always inspire me.  In fact, I finished my book and am desperate for a new one. I think it's time for a little Man's Search for Meaning.  I still enjoy WWII, but guess what else is super interesting? The Cold War.  It's bananas.  All that paranoia and suspicion and stuff? Sean and I stumbled on a real gem of a series. It could still be on Netflix but I really don't know. It's called The Assets, based on a true story of bringing down an internal mole at the CIA who was selling the identity of US spies to Russia. It's gooood stuff and made me totally into that ol' Cold War. Also feeling uncomfortable and ominous feelings of a resurgence nowadays. 

Sandwich: Peanut butter and banana. An old classic. I like to mush up the banana inside the peel and then ooze it out and spread it on the slice.  It's preferable to use a mini-banana.   I also like to make it on these, and then slice it like a tiny pizza. The fun never ends in our house. Seriously, Jen? Since when? I vaguely remember this but would never have believed it was a favorite.  Well I haven't hit a peanut butter phase since who knows when.  So these days I think my favorite sandwich would be a stacked one. Turkey, cheese, tomato, lettuce, maybe a pickle, some mustard. I haven't had that in a while either but i always feel proud, like I've sculpted something really special when I go all out, sandwich-wise.   But I also enjoy a good tuna melt.  But now that I'm thinking about it, a good vietnamese sandwich might be the winner for me. Sweet meat + pickled veggies on that beautiful crusty bread. Ahh, t'is a thing of beauty.  

Well, these are my answers. This post turned like, significantly more boring than I had anticipated, but I won't let it get me down, and you shouldn't either! What do you say about these mildly interesting, totally arbitrary categories?  If i make you read my answers, I should have to read yours too (JK, it would be an honor).


Alanna said...

I'm reading this and I'm like, "YOU LOVE MUJI PENS TOO?????? WE ARE SOUL SISTERS!!!!!!" and then I got to Confessions of a Shopaholic and I was like, "Maybe not" and then you said now you prefer Brooklyn and we're back to being sisters again.

I discovered Mujirushi on my mission and it's a good thing I don't live near any actual stores because I would spend ALL MY MONEY there if I could. As it is, I have a buddy in NYC who occasionally sends me a bundle of pens, and if he isn't coming through for me, I'll order them on-line, but that's the most restraint I've ever had about anything. My orange pen just died and I need to order another but then I know I'll want a new pair of scissors and where will it ever end...????

I haven't tried 7th Generation yet. Will I have to give up my Mrs. Meyers to do this? Yes, I guess I will.

For a post you worried might be boring, I have WAY too much to say about all of this!!!!

)en said...

Oh yes. In fact, I think we've talked about our shared muji love before. I def love the muji store. Sometimes when I miss NY, that's what I picture.

Haha! Sorry about that (shopaholic). I feel like Jim's lame girlfriend who chose Legally Blonde as one of her three movies she'd choose if she were stranded on a desert island. For the record I would not choose that one, but maybe this should be a subject for another post?

I love 7th Generation bc the pumps are so nice and smooth. I still like Mrs. Meyers but sometimes I can't find the better scents and 7th Gen has good ones like orange, or fragrance free which is sadly a draw for us around here. Give it a try! I love that you have thoughts about this useless crap. :D

Joel said...

I need to try this pen. They stock Pilot G-2 pens at work, and they just don't seem to work very well anymore. Once upon a time I loved them, but I just don't feel that way anymore.