Thursday, December 07, 2017


Last night I had a dream I was living in the world of Beverly Hills 90210.  For a while in the summer I was watching a lot of this as my fluffy binge watch and it was AWESOME.  Reasons why:

1. The fashion, probably first and foremost.  The style of the "cool kids" was cracking me up left and right. I generally abhor most things 90's but I have a right to because I lived them. I lived them. This means oversized jeans, sweaters, shirts--flannel shirts, jackets-- all oversized. Hairstyles that were trying to come down from the 80's but not sure where to go, etc.  But also there were overalls and general denim-ness, which I loved and still do. But for the most part the 90's were a hot fashion mess.
The show premiered in 1990, so carried over some 80's elements before things got really bad.    For example, to be watching a scene with "cool guy Dylan McKay" and then have him leave, strutting down the hall wearing overalls with ONE strap attached was just the best.  {squint eyes- big smile face}    Another example was watching Brenda, Kelly and Donna in school, all wearing like, business blazers. I'd grab screen shots and send them to my friends-- "Remember back in the day in high school when we used to walk down the halls wearing our BLAZERS."   Cracks me up.

2. The issues.  They tackled issues that were seriously scandalous at the time. Things like teen pregnancy and LGBTQ issues (And think then, it was probably just LGB) and while it was pretty risqué at the time (we had to sneak-watch the show when I was a kid and I wasn't the only one)  it would be so TV-tame today.  The dialogue is hilarious. But on the other hand, some of it was rather poignant and still quite relevant. I almost feel like some of these episodes could (and should) be shown in high school health class today. Ok, maybe Jr. High.   On the negative side, there are some insane episodes with such racially offensive dialogue, for instance, where they try and grossly fail to successfully approach certain subjects.

Anyway, I gave it up because it got a little weird- and maybe too updated for my taste. Or maybe Brenda just got on my nerves along with everyone else's.  But do yourself a fave and go watch the first couple seasons. You will die laughing at every episode.

So back to my dream-- oh no, I didn't forget.--   I was part of the gang. In fact, I could have been Brenda (Shannen Doherty) but I, as my dreaming self, had a spectator's view. It was as if the show (as I had known it to be) had become real life. Anyway, we were at the Peach Pit and I found I was more drawn to Nat, than anyone. I asked Nat how old he was "Forty-five," he said. Which confirmed things for me, and the remaining of the dream was me fixed on calling Dylan out on his ACTUAL age which was 32 instead of 17, and trying to make him admit it. Like, own it. It's ok to be old!   In real life I think he was like 29 or something when it premiered. It's weird to revisit a thing where back then you were like, these guys are goals, and then now to think, absolutely not. The dream didn't really go anywhere but my takeaway was that this show was eons ago,  I am OLD,  and maybe struggling to come to terms with that? I think I need to go put on some overalls.


Alanna said...

I'm not sure I can keep up with all this blogging (at least, not if I'm going to occasionally leave comments!), but I'm enjoying the reading. And I totally need to go and watch 90210 now. I still wish overalls would come back in style. I had a friend (very overweight guy) who insisted that everyone looked better in overalls, and I totally agree. They hide bad things. They give you a down-to-earth wholesomeness like you're about to go plant a garden or something. Back in the day, I could wear them and hide the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra (not sure if I could get away with that now...? And not sure this is a discussion I need to continue here...) and that was awesome because wearing a bra = the worst!

Yeah, I'll check out 90210.

)en said...

I know, i'm not sure I can keep up! Why do i do this danged tradition?? For me, overalls never left. But I have had to defend them many times over the years. I love that they're more accessible these days and yes they basically look the same. Because you can't improve on something so perfect, so pure.

Please check out the show. It's a real gem. I think I keep having dreams about it. Either that or I keep googling Shannen Doherty for reasons I can't now explain. I think it all started with Alyssa Milano who was getting flak from Rose McGowan. Gosh, if I traced back the connection to my initial descent down a wiki-rabbit hole, I think I'd be very ashamed.

Joel said...

Sadly, I was never even cool enough to watch the show, let alone dress like them. Well, okay, I had my share of baggy jeans...

)en said...

The only way I would have been able to watch it is via risk-taking older sibs. So I owe them. But it goes both ways, as this was also how I came to watch Stephen King's It, which I deeply regret.