Wednesday, November 22, 2017


So you may already know my feelings considering breakfast. In short, they are love, reverence, and careful consideration, if that constitutes a feeling.  Recently I had a chat with friends about Thanksgiving and how, though I enjoy it for several reasons, there are many obstacles for me to overcome. One is the type of food. Another is the time at which it seems to be eaten.  I expressed that eating a huge meal at 3pm is an abomination to my digestive system and a friend suggested I skip breakfast and I was like, HOW DARE YOU.  How. dare. you.  

Moving on, I try to mix things up breakfast-wise but sometimes I need new ideas.  Here is the short list of the things I routinely make for breakfast:

1. cereal. ha ha ha, jk. (it still counts)
2. oatmeal
3. pancakes (puffy on the weekend. regular mid-week)
4. muffins
5. eggs
6. egg in the middle of toast, or EITMOT, or one-eyed-sam?  What do you call this thing? 

These are all breakfasts I can make within the 20-25 allotted minutes if I do some prep work beforehand on some of them.  Oh, and throw smoothies in there intermittently because i would be remiss to exclude.

The other day I was making EITMOT and had the blessing of cracking a 2-fer.  Two yolks in one shell. Essentially, twins.  I took a pic and sent it to Sean who was shocked, and bitterly confessed this miracle had never happened to him before. I was surprised. Never? What a shame. It doesn't happen often but when it does, i'm sure it's a good omen of things to come.  He remarked the yolks seemed small and I said, "yes. twins usually are."  

I then sent it to Ashley, Liz, and Diana, particularly Diana who, I seemed to recall, abhorred such an occurrence in spite of her having birthed twins herself.   The following group text chat took place. First, the picture of the miracle:

 "Oh Dianaaaa..."  I had tauntingly said.


 I mean, even when there's blood, which is gross, I concede, it all comes from the same place. I mean, eggs are inherently gross! That's what they are!   I feel like people agree to all the grossness by consuming them. There's just no way around it. So i was surprised by such an extreme reaction here.

As mentioned, we all have our things.  Things that are so utterly disgusting and you won't stand for it. WILL NOT.  And i gave my example, which is toothbrush-sharing, which is totally repulsive and completely unacceptable.   This was from a previous discussion where there were differing opinions.  So i wanted to ask: what is your "thing"?  What will you not stand for, ever, not EVER?  Do you revile or celebrate twin eggs? Do you feel that throwing out a whole batch of cookies because of a blood spot is insane and downright tragic?   Any other commonplace atrocities you can't bear to accept in life?


Alanna said...

I'm okay with twin eggs, although I don't think I've ever actually had one. I can handle a spot of blood (although my mom, who is so squeamish she really ought to be a vegetarian, would throw that out). In Africa, we would sometimes break open eggs and find dead, half-formed chicks. That's just gross, but so obviously so that I don't think we need to debate that one. Blegh. (I'm with your friend, though, in the sense that I think if I'd actually HAD twins, I wouldn't want to eat twin eggs any more. Somehow that makes sense to me.)

I'm with you on the toothbrush thing. I had a roommate who would toss her toothbrush into the communal toothbrush cup and leave her bristles intertwined with mine and I would freak out over that. GROSS.

The thing I really can't handle, and it constantly makes me look like a bad mom, is sharing drinks with my kids. I will not. Ever. Or if I do, then I am done-- once their lips tough my water bottle or cup or whatever, I better not be thirsty any more. For one thing, they backwash like crazy. But even if they don't, I still don't want to share. I love my kids, but they can be gross. But yeah, this cringiness doesn't make me look like a very loving mother! Oh, well.

)en said...

Oh well cuz you're right, kids are GROSS. I'm totally with you.
Cracking a half formed baby bird sounds like the perfect way to ruin a day. Bleh, and sad. Love it, thx for sharing. I think I could discuss this topic forever. 💕