Thursday, November 16, 2017

Even More Sean Quotes

This title reminds me of that scary book, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.  And then they'd come up with sequels and call it like, More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and Even MORE Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.  How far did they get? I wonder.   Also, those stories were so scary.  I'm pretty sure that that part of my subconscious is where my mind's eye goes in my deepest and darkest of moments.*shudder*

Sean quotes are funny, partly because the thing itself is a funny thing to say but it's also how he says it that's funny. And usually the way he says it is abrupt, out of silence, out of nowhere.  For example, i was in the dark kitchen the other day on a dark day, a cloudy day where you might forget to turn on the lights and everything's just pretty dark*, and then all of a sudden he appeared out of the shadows and said the following:

"I just watched that Gangnam Style video again. It's lost nothing."

On this occasion and to the majority of these quotes, my immediate reaction is: 

I don't even know what to think. Or do, or say.  So I laugh and hurry and scribble it down on something.  He did go on to describe what was so great about it and, after my initial shock and bewilderment, I do find myself a little bit curious now...

After that we were discussing Thanksgiving plans involving a family spreadsheet, menu items and so on and so forth. T-giving food isn't my fave, especially eating it at weird-time-of-the-day o' clock, and Sean shares similar feelings. In discussing it more he said, "I just go back to what that Bon Appetit article said (fancy food mag that makes us feel fancy, even if we never ever make one of the fancy recipes) about it, that Thanksgiving is a meal full of very strong flavors."  I considered this and replied,  "huh..yes.. strong flavors. Maybe that's it."   And as he walked away, he said, sort of preoccupied in deep thought about the subject,  "Maybe that's just what it means to feast. I'm unaccustomed to feasting."    Which felt all philosophical to me (but also funny).  Good thoughts, Sean. Thanks for sharing.

Also, now that he's managed to pique our interest,  here's the gangnam video: 

Oh my lands... nooooo.  no no no. I regret. I regret!

*I wrote this before I wrote the first paragraph, interestingly.  I think there's a theme here? Maybe? Or not.

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