Monday, October 16, 2017

Handsome Jen

This past Saturday I woke up early (awesome) and decided to go cozy up with myself downstairs in mine and the cat's favorite chair. I've recently begun printing my blog--at long painful last-- and I'm really excited about it. And feel a sense of relief. That's a lot of material to just leave hanging intangible in internet oblivion.  So I found a website that is easy, does everything for me, and is nothing fancy which is just what I was looking for.  I have to do it in intervals though because it's quite a bit of content there. So I do it by year.  I was reading 2009 and without comments or pictures (my pictures don't start to work until mid 2010) it's 92 pages. And what strikes me whenever I read back is how funny I think I was, compared to now, which then bums me out exceedingly. I still think I'm decently-humored, but I don't write like how I used to. And I miss it. Just slapping up stuff off the cuff, silly little nothings about my day. Random thoughts or things I'm noticing that I feel warrant my public commentary or that make the day mean a little more, stand out for a specific reason or two.  The general lightheartedness. And by gol, I think the world needs more of it. So I'd like to try to go back to my blogger roots. To see if I'm really not as stale as I feel. Yes I've grown but I'm wary of really growing UP, because I still laugh at what I wrote. I cringe at times as well, but the laughs outweigh the shudders. So I'm going to give it a try at least.

To start:

Since it's Monday and horrible things are happening in the world every time we wake up, it seems, I have a joyful little tidbit to share with you, brought to us by a gem of an app called Face App.  Get it today.  I first learned about it from my niece, naturally, and essentially you upload a pic of your face and have the option to see it altered to look old, female, male, and young. It's entertaining.  For example, here's one of me and... Jon? (not to be confused with my brother) Jeb? My mountain man alter-ego? Nah, this guy's too classy. He's definitely a Jameson. Jett? He could be a Jhett. J(h)ett, my hipster man alter-ego:   

What I'm seeing is they thinned his frames a bit (so he's cool but not TOO hipster), lengthened my face a bit, giving him a sliiightly more square'ish jaw (slightly, for my jaw is decent already), kept my nose the exact same, added some greys and scruff and then put a suit jacket on me/him??  Anyway, busts me up.  I feel like I know him from somewhere... it's a little disconcerting.


Joel said...

*downloads app*

Hmm, guess I better never get old, because that makes me look terrible.

It gave me nice hair as a girl, though.

)en said...

Ha! If you want to make yourself real sad, have your kids do it and see them be teenagers before your very eyes.

Alanna said...

I'm afraid to try this out... I don't know that I want to see what I'd look like as a man!

But I love that you also re-read your old blog posts-- I sometimes worry that the fact that I enjoy doing this makes me terribly narcissistic. Can I help it if I find myself so entertaining? But I've been falling into the trap of only sharing pictures of my kids on my blog. This isn't the worst thing-- it's a great record for my family-- but that isn't what I intended when I began blogging. Time to get back to those roots!

Sean said...

Man-Jen is starting to creep me out. Anthony bourdain meets the guy from divergent?

)en said...

I mean, anything we post is good, right? At least as some form of record-keeping. But yeah I can't help but notice a difference from the old days and I am reluctant to let them go. Maybe it's Instagram, I don't know. I got on that soon after I moved; maybe there's a correlation here. But anyway, let's keep going.

)en said...

What? Those are two pretty attractive men. I'll take it! And if you have a man crush on me, I guess that's ok