Friday, December 09, 2016

Speaking of Cozy

Man, for some reason I've been unable to spell cozy these days. I'm always a little hesitant, a little suspicious when encountering a word with a Z. Like, am I sure?  A z? Really? Maybe I'm a little bit British. That's probably it. I've been spelling it "cosy," then "kosy" which is just silly. Anyway.

I always get nap envy when I see the cat/kat sleeping. He's just such a pro when it comes to the art of the nap. He really does it right.

I came down the other day and saw him napping in the cozy Christmas corner (must...refrain..from..changing k's...)  and snapped a pic:

I know I've already blogged about this but this time there's a cat! Totally different. Plus now we can see what it was like a year ago compared to now which is sort of fun, maybe, not really.

And some close ups. I feel like they give me sort of a sleep zen. Like if you need a wind down at night, warm up some milk and just look at these pictures for a minute.


Fur on fur on fur.

Cat lap is pretty much the best thing ever. I'm pretty sure I've read articles or something from somewhere that say scientific studies show having a cat on your lap produces a natural calming effect. Like my friend who swears when she puts a sweater on their family's small dog, it calms her (the dog). (though if it calmed my friend, that would really be something). And then I read an article about a goat with serious anxiety that feels better when in a duck costume. Better find that one, actually. Click.  It's the same with Cat Lap (it's now a thing, I've decided) for humans.  Put a cat on your lap and you'll just feel better.


Alanna said...

Something about the lighting on your arm (and Sean's arm, I think?) in this last picture confuses me a lot.

But now I want a cat. Thanks a heap!

)en said...

ha! Yeah it's super weird. Strange whiteness going on. Almost looks like a skeleton arm, yipes.

Better just get a cat, Alanna. Don't you have chickens? You could have an inside/outside cat. Except maybe that cat would eat the chickens. Hmm. Our cat has door flaps to the outside and I swear he 99.9% takes care of himself.

Alanna said...

I wouldn't mind having a cat, but my husband is allergic. He thinks we should get one of those hairless cats, but looking at pictures of them makes my stomach hurt.

No chickens any more-- the fox ate those back in April! :(