Saturday, December 03, 2016

Peas on Earth

Every once in a while when i'm out food shopping I grab a bag of dried peas. They are extremely addictive and I can eat a bag in one sitting, no problemo. They do much to satisfy the salt craving. As I sat stuffing my face with bits of crisps stuck to my cheeks and fingertips   eating some the other day, I saw the back of the bag which looked like this:

And I read "contemplates" like con-TEM-plates.  Like, cun-templit. (this word is very hard to type phonetically. I am struggling)  Like template. And when I finally figured out what the actual word was (took me a long time) and how weird my brain was, I contemplated on what a conTEMplate would be and whether or not it should be a brand name or some computer term or something.

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