Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Art Tour: The Bathroom

Good morning. It's Tuesday here in the Utah. The sun is peeking out over the mountain and shining the first rays of the day and it's a baker's dozen degrees outside.   This morning I thought I'd talk to you about some very important matters: The art in my bathroom. 

I have art that is such that a friend recently used the bathroom, took a pic of something on our walls, because she had a lot of questions.  You're really excited now, aren't you.  Here it is:

First, the lady holding the tiny man:

This was a piece of art given to us by our landlord of our last Bklyn apartment. He was from a tiny island in the Caribbean. I can't exactly recall how this took place. I'm sure it wasn't as straightforward as a friendly neighbor making a friendly gesture. This landlord was extremely paranoid and suspicious of us up until the very end. He would sit by his window looking down to the front of the building and watch us come and go. He would speak to us as if we were planning to rob him every day. It was a lot of fun.  Also his English wasn't 100% so that added to the fun. I once tried to give him some garden vegetables as a friendly gesture of good will and he wouldn't accept them. I even had tiny Julian helping me hold them, helping me do a good thing, and he wouldn't take them. I was like, "really? you really won't take them?" and finally his sensible wife accepted them. I think he thought if he accepted them he was signing some unwritten agreement, trading away his soul for some veggies.  Which is understandable.  So how we came to this painting is a big question mark for me. I could ask Sean, but that would take away the mystery, which I like.

Next up is a foamy digestive system puzzle:

I bought this at some dollar store, I believe, being a fan of the functions of the human body and something I wanted to teach to the boy.  This was fun, we actually played with it a lot, except if you look closely, I'm pretty sure some of those parts are made up. Duodenum I think I remember learning. But pylorus? Cecum? Are those the most integral parts of the digestive system? If so, why haven't I ever heard of them before. And the structure is questionable as well. What's surrounding the pancreas? Is it just floating around in space?  And something is seriously wrong with my small intestine. What is that? What a mess.  This diagram looks like it was made by aliens who were kind of like, ??? *shoulder shrug*  Anyway, so Julian and I actually played with this until Sean seized it to frame and I was like, ok I guess we're done with that toy.  It is quite appropriate though and an art piece I like to ponder while hanging out in the bathroom.

And here we are to the relief moon:

This thing is weird. I LOVE the moon and everything about it and the stars and space. I cannot recall from whence this thing came but if you look closely you'll see it is a HIGHLY detailed relief map of the moon. I had no idea every square inch of it was named and mapped out.  How? By whom? When? What do we do with that information? It's so detailed. A little too detailed, if you ask me.

And lastly, that brings us to the beloved strawberry clock:

Sometimes if I sit real still in the house I can hear the second-hand ticks of at least three clocks because I must have one in every room. Sean and I found this in a dollar store in Southern Utah on one of our hikescapades and I was like, "look at that strawberry clock! Ohhh you know who would LOVE that clock? This person, and this person, and this person..."  and in the end I gave it to ME.  Because nothing says Christmas like keeping presents you might have given to someone else because deep down, you know you'll give it the most love.

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