Monday, December 19, 2016

A Television Evening

Every year in the wintertime, television becomes extremely important to me. Following the course of nature, it's all part of the hibernation process for me.  The colder the temps outside, the more TV I feel I can watch and feel completely fine and even productive about it.  It's wonderful.  It becomes a project and I monitor my progress and gather with others to discuss, philosophize, examine, even argue from time to time.    We don't have cable so all current TV we watch comes from Hulu. Otherwise it's random BBC serieses (well that can't be right. Seri??)  on Amazon and whatever catches you from your nightly descent down the Netflix rabbit hole.  There are a lot of other TV apps on our apple TV we might visit but rarely.  

I have learned that I am the dominant TV-watcher in our home. As in, whatever I want to watch is what we watch. This makes me sound like a controlling goon and I don't mean to be. I also don't think I really am. I'm not like, "if you don't like it, too bad!" But also I wonder, because sometimes I'll catch Sean watching the WEIRDEST stuff and I am sincerely surprised like, really? That's what you choose to watch when I'm not around? Have I stifled this in you? Is this a part of your personality you feel you can't share?  I don't want to be this way but maybe I do a little bit because sometimes I just don't know.  Also maybe we have our social TV shows and then our private TV shows, shows I would feel lame to watch with Sean but save for when I'm on the treadmill. First, second, third-tier shows. I know you know what I'm talking about. I also have a theory that Sean even might not know what he likes and I have to save him from himself. I think he's happy to relinquish the controls.   But maybe he's still on some kind of journey of TV self-discovery. I mean, aren't we all? I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.

One night I was working on something in front of the TV and refused to accept any control because I didn't care and didn't want to choose-- sometimes being Dominant TV-Watcher can be such a burden-- so he took the controllers and this is what I later recorded on my phone:

Sean puts on a fashion show from some obscure network included in our Apple TV. We both watch in wonder as models parade a certain fashion line of some designer and it is legitimately entertaining, though unusual.

JEN: The shows you choose to watch are so... interesting to me. I love it.

SEAN: C'mon, I could watch that all day. I would rewind just to see those colors together again...

...I don't even like Valentino that much. Ah, Chanel-- now we're talking.

JEN: *laughter.*


Alanna said...

I made the mistake of discovering that Netflix had no commercials when I was breastfeeding Colton. I began watching Grey's Anatomy, just because I'd heard of it. I kind of hated it, but kept watching because of one plot point I wanted to see resolved. And of course, by the time that happened, I was completely addicted to the show. It's my guilty pleasure, and I always watch it when Craig isn't around because he'll just make fun of it (rightly so, but I still don't want to hear it!).

Most of the other shows I watch are not humiliating, at least. And I feel better reading this, because at the end of each day, Craig and I tidy up the kitchen and eating areas and then all I ever want to do is just sit curled up in a blanket and watch TV. I was worried that maybe I'd turned super lame, but I see now that WINTER is to blame for this!!!! Of course!!!!

Slandered said...

I certainly do know know what I like! The 1970s documentary series was solid work!