Thursday, November 03, 2016

The Big 13

Sean and I had our anniversary the other day. I don't like celebrating our love in a specific, contrived, designated kind of way. It puts too much pressure on the both of us, so instead I celebrate it every day in every way because he is truly the BEST husband I have ever had. 

Thirteen years, whaaaat.  I remember telling people we had been married for three and how that felt substantial. Yeah, three years under our belt! And it is, compared to one day. You learn a lot in those three years.  But man how I love having ten more. Being newly married sort of feels like an unnatural state of being. It's fun and exciting and all the lovey newness is a bit intoxicating but that's just it-- it's sort of druglike, the intensity of which just can't be sustainable. It also can be a rough learning curve. This sounds dreary, and I don't think you can't have that giddy lovey-ness for the remainder of your marital days, but coupled with time and shared experiences, it feels a bit more grounded and much more rich. 

And that is how I feel. All the things I loved about Sean then, I still do now. Just a hundred-fold. He's still clever, witty, quiet, smart, interesting, strange.  I've learned how to adjust myself accordingly, not in a stifling kind of way but a self-monitoring, self-refining kind of way. He's taught me so much about art and, though I've always loved it, it truly is the soul of life and has become a vital part of mine. He is good at so very many things: Handicrafts, woodworking, cooking, assembling, constructing.  He remembers everything he ever learned and shares it with Julian, (and me when I'm lurking in the corner, listening).  We share ideas, jokes, views, opinions. We have much in common and he is my favorite person to pal around with. 

If you'd like to read about when we met, click here. But if you'd like a summation of what thirteen years of marriage looks like, read on. 

I have been sick of late. Going on day 8. It's been a doozy, exacerbated by a tennis lesson and a chilly Halloween night, both worth it but now I'm bluhhhhhh. {x-ed out eyes}  For the past couple of days I have been determined to stay put and just freakin' get well, even though i'm going insane with all the cooped up'edness and, even for me, the do- nothingness. (not to mention the lameness of being sick)  Last night he and Julian were out and I sent him a passive text that went like this:

JEN: Lemons
         Are some things I might get at the store

SEAN: Good to know!

And of course he picked them up. And he even called me from the store to double check something. But during that time, in my sick stupor I was thinking, I should really tell him to get a bunch yellow and a bunch of green, since smoothies are an important part of my life and I have very specific and strong feelings about my banana preferences Aaaahhhh yellow and green, yellow and green. But I never did it tell him.  So upon his return and the putting away of various grocery items, I saw the bananas and I put a hand on his arm, and with all the croaked tenderness I could crackle, i spoke the words:

"You got a yellow bunch AND a green bunch!" {heart, heart, heart, cry face}

And he said, "of course I did.  I know how you get bananas."


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