Thursday, August 18, 2016


I haven't blogged in a while. It's a darn shame and hopefully a symptom of summer and nothing more but I would be very remiss if I didn't get on here to sound the birthday trumpets for the lad, formerly known as Squirt but is now so tall, so gangly and weedlike, a squirt he is no more.  I still call him Shorty because he's quite a bit shorter than I am and i like to tease him for it. But that day, too, will come to an end. 

I don't have too many pictures, either because I just have given up on trying to snap a pic of every moment in my day or because i have no room on my phone and it's trained me to not even consider it. But I do have a few quality quotes so let's slap them up and enjoy.

First, a Julian summary:

I am not even sure what to say here. I could write boring things like "he's changed so much... blah blah blah."  Or be too honest like, "He's growing up and is so much older. Actually he's kind of leaving the cute phase and has entered the annoying phase of poop jokes, irritating voices, sucking years of my life away by retelling episodes of Scooby Doo IN FULL, and testing limits in every which way possible."

I think instead I'll sum him up with a short story.  Two days ago we went in to meet his first grade teacher.  She seemed like a nice lady and she had Julian sit with her to read and answer questions while I filled out the mom questionnaire.  He had me laughing as I tried to focus on my task and one of her questions was thus:

TEACHER:  Do you have any siblings?

JULIAN: One. And it's a cat.

TEACHER: *stunned face*  What?

JULIAN: *repeats what he said*

JEN: *dying in her chair

And that about sums him up. She sure is in for a sweet surprise this year. I think overhearing Julian talk to other adults might be my favorite thing ever.  Let's read some other weird and wonderful things he's said lately that i've managed to jot down:

"What would I do without you, Mom? You're like my life source."

Straight up. And also, awwww.

"If I could have a giant laser I'd use it to carve my face onto a comet, and I'd carve my children's faces onto it too.  Family comet."   

We were packing up the car for a trip.

JEN: Ok, we're about ready to leave. Is there anything you want to do in the car?

JULIAN: Look out the window is what I want to do in the car...

Ha ha, yessss.

At the movies:

"Are they going to play our movie or did we come to the all previews movie?"


"I'm trying to step into mid-air!" 

I looked back and he really was trying to step into what looked like some alternate dimensional space.

Ok i found some random pics. I may have posted some of these already. These days I can't keep track of this and instagram but a couple are just too good not to post again.

Happy birthday to the child of mine, a voracious reader, more self aware than many adults I know, astute in the world around him, and who gets me better than almost anyone.

parade part II

When i dared him to take out the trash nekkid.

Putting in some bathroom fixtures. "Look, Mom! It's the Starship Enterprise!"
Jen: *sobbing*

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Joel said...

Wait, when did Sean start rocking the goatee? That deserves a post.

)en said...

Ha. It's actually a full beard (Ok, full'ish.) but let's just keep this exchange to ourselves. :D