Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Parade Report

Well, my our parade dreams have been fulfilled. And it was as fun and happy as I had hoped it would be.  Because sometimes I just want to do what I want to do. You know?

We put it together in two days.  We had to go to the craft store twice in those two days which just about killed me and Julian but left Sean in a surprisingly good humor.  The idea behind what our "float" would be evolved and morphed a bit.  Since my scooter is yellow, I thought we might match it. Also, not quite sure what the qualifications were in being accepted into a parade (turns out "signing up" is it) I thought we should maybe be bees, since it's the beehive state and all, and that that might up our chances.   So we were bees on a scooter.  People would ask what our affiliate or cause was and I would reply, "For love of parades. Us. We are our affiliate."

Here we are while we waited. 

In all, we attached a golden sparkly fountain that easily hooked onto the back, two yellow pinwheels that spun in the wind as we scooted, 3 huge yellow balloons, yellow ribbon streamers from the handlebars, a bike bell that i borrowed and now desperately need, and a beehive sign made by, you guessed it, Sean. 

I feel like my scooter reached self-actualization. It finally became what it was born to be.  It was truly a thing of wonder and we stood and gazed upon it in awe. I've never seen it look so beautiful. *sniff*


Since we signed up at the last second, we were almost at the very end of the parade.  Our costumes were great. I got to wear bee wings and Julian had a shiny yellow cape. We both had yellow masks and we spray painted stripes on a shirt for him. He took parading very seriously and I was totally impressed at how well he simultaneously waved, tossed yellow candy from our yellow box, AND rang the bell.  This kid is hardcore, and so am I.  Hardcore paraders are we. People cheered for us, we spotted a few familiar faces which was delightful, and on the whole it gave us a happiness boost of about 1 trillion.

The above 3 pics were snapped by cool friends who i didn't spot until #3.

Sean walked the whole way with us, taking pictures on the sidelines. 

I feel like I want to do this every year. Is that crazy? We could do anything! At the moment I'm thinking we just put together crazy costumes. Or really, whatever the hey.  

Lastly, here we are in action. 

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suvi said...

A thing of beauty. And I love the introduction!