Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cat's Eye of Sauron

Remember how I used to love Lord of the Rings? And how that fact will NEVER CHANGE?

I still love it as much as ever. (click here to read about a loosely related dream I had once and completely forgot about until now.)  

 I have realized it will ever be ingrained and woven into my being, an eternal part of the make up of my soul.  The three of us just finished marathon-watching it and I almost got a little weepy--not just from the high intensity emotions from approximately 1 billion scenes that already make me cry, particularly in Return of the King-- but also that we were there sharing this love with Julian who is totally mature enough at the ripe age of six. Nothing could make me happier.

I love this movie so much and will watch and re-watch until I die.  From a religious standpoint, there is not a gospel principle I can't draw LOTR parallels to. I think I just gave myself a challenge. There are so many quotable lines there that I use them all the time whether I realize it or not. It just comes out.  Anyway, i just wanted to re-establish that. 

That said, I sent this pic to Sean and I laughed at my own cleverness. 

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