Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Scary Christmas

Last night we were invited over to some new friends' house for dinner. They have a daughter Julian's age and they hit it off pretty quickly. While the old people sat around chatting they were off playing here and there. At one point the little girl was in the bathroom down the hall and Julian followed. Her mother asked Julian if he was looking for her and explained where she was. Julian said, "I know" and followed anyway. Alright. We continued chatting and a few minutes later we heard the door open and Julian shout, "BOO!"

The little girl was fairly unfazed and they continued to play. And I felt it incumbent to explain that we had been practicing scaring each other (mostly Sean, as he is an easy target) and just the other day Julian finally achieved his first legitimate, successful scare. It was on me and he finally listened to all my instructions-- he waited, very patiently, outside my bathroom door, covered in a blanket and kept silent until just the right moment. He scared me, I screamed, and we both laaaughed and laughed, and I've never been more proud. Having to explain all of this just made me laugh more. I think the friendship is off to a good start.

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