Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Pig Meat

A few days ago we visited a museum full of dead animals. A natural history museum, in other words. Ha ha, I don't know why i called it that. Actually, yes i do.  Let's continue the story. My niece Anna was distraught at all the dead things that had to die and be on display.  After i successfully persuaded her to not think about that, to just enjoy being able to see them up close, Julian started expressing sadness as well.  I helped him through his feelings and after he would exclaim, "and they had to KILL that one too" I would add, "Orrrr... maybe it was found dead, so they just gathered it up and put it to use..."    By the end, everything in that museum may or may not have been found already dead, would you believe it??  Anyway, just now we had a delightful sort of continuance, and it also answered my question of wondering if Julian would ever have a vegetarian phase like so many other kids i hear about.  The answer:  No.

JULIAN (big sigh): I love meat.

JEN: oh yeah?

JULIAN: Wait, is meat pigs or cows?

JEN: Both. It depends. Beef, what we're eating, is cow meat.

JULIAN: And what's pig meat?

JEN: Ham, bacon...

JULIAN: Do they kill the pig to make pig meat?

JEN: Yes

JULIAN: It's sad they have to do that. Or, maybe they FIND the pig dead, and then make it into pig meat.

JEN (laughing, considering): Maybe...

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