Thursday, June 25, 2015

Charm of a Day

Some mornings ago we woke up and Julian reminded me of my promise that we'd finish the ultra weird Star Trek episode we began the day before. I laugh every time he suggests watching Star Trek. He wants to watch something and he knows my Achilles heel.  "Hey Mom, how 'bout we watch Star Trek? I know you like it..."  Curse you, child! *shaking fist*   This episode was whack though and i laughed at the typically sexist story. But at the same time, sure enough, it was thought-provoking. And this is why I love the original series.

After that one we watched a Bill Nye episode about digestion-- excellent. {thumbs up emoji}   Remember when emojis were called emoticons? I really loved that term. I'd keep using it but i'm sick of people not knowing what the hey I'm talking about.  Bill Nye is awesome though and I picked up right where I left off with my crush on him, as in days of yore.

The morning was bright. The sun shone and the pinwheels spun like a chorus of synchronization. We ate some food and ventured out on our scooters.  We visited some people and then got lost in an enormous suburban subdivision.  Honestly. Couldn't get out. I felt like a mouse in a mouse maze. At one point Julian caught a raised section of sidewalk and biffed it. He is terrified of getting scrapes. He's had a few bloody knees in his time.  So he cries out of fear, not out of pain (i'm assuming. Also, i don't know how he keeps falling.)   But the knees weren't too bad this time.  We enjoyed scooting along in the quiet ghost town-like streets.  I know everyone is busy and fine and friendly and safe in their homes and whatever but every now and then my brain does a little flip and it's too easy for me to see it as this scary wasteland where everything stands, looking normal, but all of the humans have been zapped off the face of the earth and we're the only ones left (for instance).  It feels JUST like i'd imagine that scenario to be.

We finally made it home and ate a huge plate of lunch meat, crackers, nectarines, pears, peas, and cheese. I wanted to pass out but instead i threw in some laundry and we went back out, this time for a haircut. Man, I'm trying hard to prove to myself that suburban living isn't necessarily mundane, that you can still find the magic in the mundane.  Is it working? I'm catching myself with some of these sentences and I'm just not sure. "this time for a haircut"--Oooooo!!) 

I haven't taken Julian to get his hair cut in a long time. These days we go to Great Clips and I couldn't be happier. I just can't do those $$$ NY haircuts. I got a lot of cuts there too and my favorites were done by hair school students and scissor-skilled friends.  Except for that one, that one time.  But I do feel that it's ridiculous to pay a lot of money for a cut, especially when you have weed hair like mine. Also, Great Clips is fun because it can really be hit and miss.  Just because I'm comfortable with getting a bad cut doesn't mean they don't exist, because oh, they do.  And you're like, what in the fudge just happened? or, wow, that one was pretty good! I wish I had asked the stylist her name...   I'm tempted to take polaroids and make a hair stylist wall with green and red stickers. 

Julian was reluctant because he hates the tools near his ears (who doesn't).  He sat down on the booster seat with this giant haircutting cape around him. I sat in the chair next to his and just died laughing the entire time. The kid is freakin' HILARIOUS when he gets his hair cut.  His faces were kil-ling me.  scrunched up with disapproval, leaning his ear down to his shoulder despite being instructed again and again to hold still. His shoulder gradually hunching back every time. Like, he takes it, he tolerates it, but does not care to hide his disdain and discomfort. I'm so tickled.  And then the thing that really did it was after a while of this, either he was feeling more comfortable or more awkward and succumbed to the classic awkward salon silence but out of the silence he suddenly spoke up, "So i fell down today."

Hairdresser: Oh yeah?

Julian: Yeah, i was out on my scooter and i fell on my knees. It wasn't a bad scrape though.

Hairdresser: Oh, that's good.

Julian: And then a dog came up and licked my face! And I hate that!

Hairdresser: Yeah?

Julian: Yeah, and I told the girl, 'the next time I come over I'm going to have to teach your dog some manners!"  

Imagine like this old man barbershop scenario but it's a 5-year-old squirt.  DY-ING. "And you know what i says, I says to the girl..." I dunno. he kills me.

And that's where I'll end, mostly because i'm finishing this blog post weeks later and forgot the rest. Which is why we should all write down the good stuff, people! Write.. down.. the GOOD STUFF.  *publish*


suvi said...

Everything about Julian is the good stuff.

Ashley Robison said...

So I follow this blog called Spaghetti Toes ( and this guy draws the hilarious stuff that kids say. Everytime you post a hilarious Julian quote I always think- I wish someone would draw that!" Especially this post when I DID image an old man barbershop "And you know what i says, I says to the girl..."

Anyway- random comment but I really enjoy your blog posts :)

)en said...

Holy crap--comments! I LOVE those drawing blogs. I love when they're drawn child-like. I should hire someone to do that for me, and by hire someone I might mean force Sean. One of my ideas and ways to immortalize Julian quotes has been to make them into t-shirts. I haven't done it but i still want to. For instance:

"I wish I had a pet germ I could pet." That stuff is gold. An illustration would make it even amazing-er.

Suvi, i miss you.