Friday, January 16, 2015


Every once in a while, when I start to think about the ingredients we might have, i get really excited about the prospect of making a sandwich.  My thought process is as follows:

Let's see, we have bread--check,
lunchmeat of some kind--check,
ooh, tomatoes!--check! [increasing excitement]
pickles! check!
and butter lettuce!-check!
Wait---AVOCADO(!!) Check!!!  

This happened the other day, and with that bubbling over sandwich excitement, I asked Sean if he wanted me to make him one. I told him all the things we had and started to get them out. One by one i listed all of the many delicious ingredients from which to choose and he thought a minute and said, "hmm... well, a cheese and mustard sandwich sounds good."


I know, right? What a waste!  Trying not to crestfall, I replied, "okie dokie, a Nothing Sandwich comin' right up!"  And that's what I made and that's what he ate and he never will know the Sandwich that Might Have Been. I would say that generally speaking, this is Sean's preferred sandwich. Again, I know

When I was young I used to have a favorite. And if it's my favorite then of course I would name it after myself. Its name was the Jen Deluxe. Basically it was a grilled cheese with tomato and mayo. Sounds boring but if you call it the Jen Deluxe, it is not

Having written this I'm feeling all sandwich daydreamy. And I'm curious:  What's your Dream Sandwich? If you could make any sandwich in the world with all the ingredients you'd ever want?


Alanna said...

For a while, our Relief Society would get the leftover bread from Panera at the end of the day. (I nearly cried when this stopped!)

And from this, I discovered that using their tomato bread to make a grilled cheese, pesto (mixed with mayo), and tomato sandwich. Heaven. Absolute heaven.

Interestingly enough, we tried that same sandwich once with bacon, and I actually didn't love it. (I know-- how can you not love something with bacon added to it???) It was too much-- you couldn't focus on any of the other flavors because all you got was bacon. So simpler was better...

Now I'm back to missing my free Panera days again...

)en said...

Mmmm--that grilled cheese sounds so good.

That reminds me. In Brooklyn you'd always give a silent cheer when someone forgot to bring the bread for church and had to run next door to Caputo's, the italian bakery, and we had the BEST sacrament that day. :D

Sean said...

Cheese and mustard is a great sandwich! It's like getting there with a rocket pack instead of a private jet with leather seats and big screen TVs and chocolate milk on tap.

linsey said...

This post pleases me immensely, makes me miss you, and also makes me even more mad that its not summer because I'm with Sean: sometimes a simple sandwich can be even more perfect than a ritzy one: aka tomato and mayo on fluffy white pullman.