Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Sky

People demandingly (-- not sure about that one) complain about the lack of snow, a concept I find extremely bizarre and a bit Twilight Zone-y,  but I sit with an eerie, faraway smile on my face, knowing that I'll never have to endure another NY winter.  It feels like such sweet bliss.  The cold and the snow will come to Utah, but it will never again be like an NYC winter.  Never. Again. I'm grateful to have known such pain and misery so that I might experience true joy, but nevertheless.  It is over. It is done.

Man, something I just love is a moody sky. Dark, billowy clouds. Grays and purples. So much more beautiful to me than a bright and sunny blue sky'ed day.   I feel like I can't see anything on those days, like everything is over-exposed.Anyway, on an overcast, darkly billow-clouded day, I feel like the world comes alive and so does my heart, and finally I can truly see. And I do love it.

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