Saturday, December 06, 2014

Tree Deco-ration

I feel like Christmas tree feelings and preferences are ever-changing.  I have my opinions that feel like they might last forever, like an evergreen, if you will, but then I wonder if my preferences and tastes will change? Will I one day want that fake tree? I KNOW, right? How could i say such a thing? But then I see some amazing trees and try as I might, I'm never going to be able to put and keep real snow on my real tree.  So maybe a magnificently flocked one would be kind of fun? Who can say??

I'm in support of change. And I vote that it's ok to change one's views. Just because you say it once doesn't seal it up as yours forever.

This year I badgered my mom every day to tell me when she'd be decorating her tree which is something I've missed for over a decade. I carry a lot of nostalgia around with me and I always love me some childhood Christmas magic.  Then, when we helped her, it was great, but we had maybe one single ornament that i remembered from my youth.  She had gotten new ones over time which is perfectly fine and natural, even. So i was like, people change, Jen. Trees change. I accept it, and may even embrace it.  Now, would I ever do theme trees? One year a Star Trek-themed tree? Another year Jurassic Park? --I was getting ready to answer these questions with a "probably not" but now that I'm picturing it.. these trees would be awesome.  So, again, who knows.

This year we got a grown-up tree. One that goes all the way to the floor. I've always loved our tabletop bush-trees but it's pretty fun to have a full-sized one. We don't have nearly enough supplies for it. I have mentioned so many times how much I love my ornaments (I won't even post a link to previous posts.  Restraint!)  and I still do.  And now we are seeing Julian remember and love them too which is pret-ty darn magical.  It's just the best. I tell him the back story of when and where we got them. Every ornament has a story, even if the story is "and i loved it so much! the end."    And it is all so good. It's just so good.

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Brooke said...

That looks like a bumble tree! Love it!