Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Julian Christmas Quote

Because a good Julian quote is like Christmas. He and I were discussing whether we had run out of an item and, while he said we were all out, I on the other hand felt certain we had more. I did some digging and sure enough, there were a few more, and we rejoiced. Julian, acknowledging he was incorrect, remarked,

And I thought I was so stupid! But I amn't!

And thus a new catch phrase was born. I don't actually know what it means, since he was the one who thought we were out. But oh well, so funny.  Amn't.  :D  Why not, right? 


suvi said...

Would that be short for I'm not? I like it. a lot.

)en said...

me too. I've been puttering around these few days with scenarios rolling in my head of when I could use it. I wonder if it could have the same classy old timey'ness as "shan't." I'll think about it some more...