Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Holiday Lame

This morning I went to my favorite news website that has interesting and serious headlines of world events and read this one:

How to Burn Off 24 Favorite Holiday Foods.

I don't even know what to think here. I'm so confused.  I should be trying to burn calories but also find delicious recipes for the dishes from whence they came? Aaah, my brain. The headline comes with a picture of a woman snowshoeing but I feel like she should also be holding a lattice-crust pie.   
I feel like this crosses the line of Holiday Lame.  You know what i mean, like that one time when I got, amongst the fifty-thousand other shopping spam emails, one sad one from Williams-Sonoma.  It was getting pretty late as far as last-minute shopping went and the subject said something like... wait a second, let me see if I can find that one.

*time passes*

Ok, i found it. And I'm sorry but I make myself laugh, i just DO.  I'll just copy and paste what I said originally.

4 Hours Only: 25% Off Caramel Apples - In Time for Christmas!
 Wow, really W-S?  Caramel Apples? In a 4-hour time frame?  So pathetic.  *purchasing  caramel apples*

Ha ha! It makes me want to combine the two and make something completely festively nonsensical like, 

Hurry! This Pie Recipe Won't Last. Get it Now by Doing One of These Top 5 Christmas Ab Workouts!

Heh heh.  *punch self in arm*    Anyway, because i'm a facilitator of things including writing creatively, i challenge you to give me one of your own.  Or just send me some Holiday Lame you may come across. Where people's excuses to tie something to the holidays is just, you know, lame.


Joel said...

I was just thinking today about the Lexus commercials I see every December. As if a luxury vehicle is just something most of us can go out and purchase as a last-minute gift. "Stuck for gift ideas? How 'bout a $50k car?"

)en said...

What would make that even better is if it were advertised as a "last-minute" item. (free shipping?)

Joel said...

Or a stocking stuffer.