Thursday, January 09, 2014

Julian's Questions & Answers

Since we're in the fun inquisitive stage, this includes wanting to know the definitions of things, which I enjoy.  I get to test my word power and have challenged myself to try to give the best, simplest answer on the first try.  As with most things in life, I've tried to make it into a little game, hopefully where I am the winner. So far I'm pretty pleased.  Here are a few examples: 

What does "regret" mean?

Regret is a feeling that you should have done something but you didn't and you're sad about it.

[This one has a funny side story. Weeks ago I had written down my statement on some envelope on the desk here so i wouldn't forget it and then when I finally sat down here to add it to the list, Sean came by and saw it and exclaimed, "so THAT'S what that was! I thought it was some quote you found and liked or something," which made me laaaugh and laugh, because if that were true, what a horrible quote!  I imagine myself finding it in some book or article and being all moved, like, "wow... what a great quote. I'd better write that down" as if it's super deep and resonating.   Ha ha ha.  Just tickles me, I don't know why. It reminds me of my teenage self, when I used to come up with philosophical self-quotes and write them in my journal. I should go find one.  Some of them are really, really good.]


What does "spit out" mean?

You push something out of your mouth that was once in it.

(Also, really? you don't know what "spit out" means? :/ )


What does "familiar" mean?

You feel like you've seen it before


What's a flood?

When there's too much water in a place.


Julian reasoned, "Sometimes I'm upset, and sometimes I'm not, and that's ok!"

I replied, "Yes but when you were upset you were also disobedient, and there are consequences to that."

"What's consequences?"

When something happens because of the choices you make. 


This next is just a funny way he asks "when."   He says:

What's when we do that?  

 What's when Christmas comes?

It's pretty great. Love rational grammatical alternatives. Who doesn't?


This one is just a funny quote.   He turned to me the other night and randomly said:

"Mom, maybe the harmonica is the worst thing after all."

a) harmonicas??
and b) the deliberation
and finally c) the conclusion

And then when I thought about it, deliberating, considering the harmonica in this context, I finally concluded that he might just be right.  Suddenly I felt pretty creeped out.

Lastly, Julian has some funny versions of things around town.  I feel like i've mentioned this but there's no way to be sure... as if there would be some kind of way to search and find a specific word within a document?? Can't be done. I wish.  But anyway, here they are:

1. Times Square = Town Square.  I love this because town square is basically the exact opposite of Times Square.  Meeting place for villagers with dirty streets and gallows vs.  what people call a town square. (heh heh. see what i did.)

2.  Central Park = Sensual Park.  Hahaha.  So funny because he's trying to say it right. He goes slowly. But he just doesn't. Just can't make the t to r transition, err a more accurate term for whatever that is.


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