Tuesday, August 27, 2013

People I Don't Care About

So, I don't know about you, but there are some people in the world I just don't care about. I don't care about them SO much that I'm writing a blog post about them.

First of all, there are a lot of people who don't preoccupy my thoughts, let me tell you right now. But these are people that seemed to have amassed some kind of following, piquing the interest of many and it's a complete mystery to me.  I find myself in somewhat of a minority and question those around me, while standing my ground of not caring, and being the only one, apparently.  So here are a few that I can think of (because again, not on my mind):

1. Oprah.

Everyone looooves Oprah.  Why? I don't know.  Because I don't.  I find her annoying in almost every way. I don't believe she's sincere, i don't trust her for a second, and I cannot figure out why everyone is in love with her.   Maybe she has great interview skills. Maybe she has other skills. But as a person, who is she? Does anybody know? She loves her celebrity friends, it appears to me. But if you ask me, I'm going to say i'm not even sure SHE knows who she is. Yes, that's right. She's been in this biz for so long, doing whatever it is she does (I really don't know.. and it's not because i'm a total idiot. I mean what, she interviews people, gives away cars, has a magazine about ____?) and who she really is has been absorbed and lost in this persona she's created.  And I just don't buy it.    I'm not saying I hate her, but I definitely don't trust her.

2. Beyonce, THERE I SAID IT.

I googled her name because I wasn't sure if there were two e's on the end of her name and found her website. Really, if you click on it, that picture says it all; i need say nothing more. Other than a pretty face and some kind of success with a girl band, I just do not get it.  She's one of those "has talent but where?"  Or, she's a "star"... but why?  I never saw Dreamgirls. Maybe she was amazing, though that's not what I nor Jennifer Hudson hears. But every time I hear her voice I want to claw off my ears and drop them in acid.  Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration.  I don't want to claw them off, I just want to hur them for hurting me.  She is a pretty face who also kinda sings. To me, her voice is mega-irritating. It's shallow, tinny, purely on the surface.  The exact opposite of Adele, you might say, and they both have accents in their name, so i must be right.   And I hate it. I hate it. I hate Beyonce's voice!! I don't care who hears me! Everyone LOVES Beyonce. Not me.  I'm sure you're a nice gal, but whatever you're supposed to be famous for, I am not into it.

3. Katy Perry

For me, Katy Perry serves but once purpose, and it is to sing a song my child fell in love with at a tiny age, which is cute.  The song itself is nothing special whatsoever.  I don't really dislike Katy Perry, her voice, or her silly songs, but I just don't care about her.  She just isn't anything special. Is that rude? Let me rephrase. I just don't want to listen to or look at her.   I don't want to know what's going on with her, professionally or personally. I am bored by her.  If I met her I might ask her awkwardly, "So..um.. what are your hobbies?" and then, "what's that over there??"  and flee.  Sorry Katy. Again, bet you're real nice.

What about you? Are there people you don't care about/dislike despite popular opinion/are suspicious for some reason? 


Alanna said...

AAAAGH, I SO agree with this post!!! I took voice lessons for 6 years, and all these singers we have who can't ACTUALLY SING drive me crazy! It's one of the reasons I've enjoyed Glee so much (although I finally had to give it up this season), because they take these pretty catchy fun songs and sing the CRAP out of them. And make them awesome. But Katy Perry's voice sucks. (If forced to choose, I'd probably rather hear Beyonce's weird voice than Katy Perry's grating one, but really neither one is very good. And I couldn't resist and clicked on your link to her home page... um, wow?)

Yeah. I agree. And Adele is awesome.

The end.

Brooke said...

I don't care to follow the lives of celebrities, period. Actors, musicians, politicians, talk show hosts. Go ahead and live your lives, and I'll live mine and pay attention to family members, friends, neighbors, and inspiring individuals.

Valerie said...

Oh man, tons. TONS. I have to give this some thought.