Thursday, January 31, 2013


So, every once in a while I have an experience that really helps me overcome something.  And I have this intense need to pass it along to anyone I can, in hopes that it can benefit their own life in some way.

I am not a big drinker of soda.  I rarely drink it. I'll have some sparkling whatnot at Christmas and perhaps a rootbeer when we get pizza, but on the whole, I'm not just not into it and most soda gives me a terrible stomachache and I deeply regret it almost immediately.

And then this came into my life:

Now, this is good stuff.  It's quality stuff. I liked it, but sadly it didn't have as big of an effect as one would like.  I didn't experience a true change of heart until these guys:

Blood orange and grapefruit.

SHAZAM.  In all seriousness, I drank these and said to Sean, "Sean, I'm in trouble. This could actually make me drink soda again."  I LOVE this stuff.   It's not as poisonous to my guts as other soda is. The flavors are outstanding, and then Sean brought home a case of the grapefruit which is something I never thought would happen in my house--having a case of soda.  But here it is.  And every once in a while I am weak and give in.  It's broken me.  And it's sure to break you too.  So try some today and be rid of your soda-aversion once and for all. 


Valerie said...

GRAPEFRUIT? I'm a gonner. I neeeeeeeed it.

)en said...

you do. you need it now.

Brooke said...

These may be super delicious, but I think my soda aversion is a life-long one. Like you, I sip some root beer on rare occasion with pizza, or some Sprite when I'm sick. But that's it. I have a hard time justifying liquid calories. Unless we're talking chocolate milk. Then I'm on board. :)

)en said...

Don't give up hope,Brooke! That's how I felt too, until now... ;)

Unknown said...

Ist es koffeinhaltig!!

Unknown said...

Ist es koffeinhaltig 🤔