Friday, November 30, 2012

25 Days of Jen

T'is the Season!!!

For blogging, because I can't think of anything Christmassyer (< -- good luck)
In hopes of spreading some Christmas cheer, or just providing something to read every day, I begin a new project by blogging every day for the month of December. (Up until the 25th of course, because the rest of the month doesn't matter.) (Unless your birthday is this day, that is. Then it's one of the most important of the Gregorian calendar)

Also, I'd like to try an experiment--because I'm always one for an experiment--and try to jog my mental faculties regarding written expression.  Basically I will be giving my brains a good shake, and like a snow globe, see what falls from the heavens.  It could be sparkly, it could be glittery.  It could swirl around in nonsensical patterns.  We'll see, won't we.

A blog post for every day!   Could be related to Christmas.  Could be not.  What's going to happen?? I'm excited, aren't you?

p.s. happy birthday to this champ, who has one of the best birthdays ever-- birthday to kick off the holiday season.  3 cheers for Ash-bomb!


Brooke said...

Indeed, the 31st is an exceedingly important day. You're lucky you saved yourself; you were about to be in a boat-load of trouble.

Ashley said...

Yes, November 30th IS the best birthday ever. Thanks for the shout out.