Tuesday, August 07, 2012

More Olympic Thoughts

First of all, what is it about watching someone achieve their olympic dreams that makes me feel like I'm achieving mine? Like a flash, a wave of emotion befalls me and I am insta-weepy. It's kinda ridiculous, but i kinda love it.  Go olympics!

Similarly, your heart breaks when you watch their dreams get crushed to the floor. It's kind of too painful, actually, and a little insensitive of them.   I mean, they're dealing with only their own heartbreak, but we're feeling it right along with them and every other broken hearted olympian. geez, take it easy on us.

Watching the women's weightlifting event, i was interested how there were zero USA contenders.  Indicative of our society and what's "cool" or "attractive"?  Perhaps.  I began thinking thoughts like, at what point in her life does a girl say, YES-- weightlifting. I'm going to devote my life to this.  I think that thought about many olympic events.  For what a pivotal moment it must be, and I wonder what led them there.   When i watched their faces in full-stress, gearing up to heave the bar up and over their heads, i thought, yeah, i could see how that would be so insanely empowering.  Like, YES. I AM STRONG.  STRONG!! That's pretty cool, in the face of what society tells us is attractive and that we should strive for it. Nonsense. I guess it's just unusual to see this kind of category of women on the telly, and I applaud.

I take back what i said about Michael Phelps.  He's alright. He's aaaalright.  However, my favorite swimmer is this guy. There's nothing better than watching someone win, who didn't think they would win. Followed closely by this girl, who's just way too cute.

A friend commented on facebook about the opening ceremonies and i commented that i loved the Chariots of Fire moment and that it should be played during all track events, and maybe just all events.  And then while i was watching the medals ceremony for the weightlifting (i guess i really liked it) guess what they played?? Before or after the anthem, Chariots of Fire!  So awesome.  Thank you, British.

I agree with everyone that the Badminton scandal is ABHORRENT.  For shame! You taint a noble sport and mock the olympics.  I'm glad they got the boot. Though, every time the Chinese lose or in this case, get disqualified, especially when they were the favorites, i get a little nervous for their return home.  :/

Here's the thing about some events. For some reason i don't like them in the olympics. I'm talking basketball, tennis, and maybe others.  Which is weird because i enjoy basketball and looove tennis. But it feels weird in the olympics. Maybe i prefer the unknowns who show up being all awesome at something, maybe sports that tons of people don't already watch with mega-rich superstars. For some reason i feel like they shouldn't be there, which is unfair. But then again, i can think of someone who should be there.

I love watching the parents almost as much as the athletes.  I can't remember what we were watching but i turned to Sean and said, "so, these people start pretty darn young. I mean, they're kids, and they just work toward this for years and years and years.[i think it was gymnastics, and the girls are babies at the height of their career] I wonder what I would do if my kid was like, 'I want to do this and I'm dead serious.'  I feel like i might be like, 'eh... are you suure? don't you want to just try a bunch of things, but mostly play outside?' "  Hopefully, if Julian wants to become an olympian, I won't hinder him.

I'm not sure how in love i am with the London 2012 logo or whatever. Like it looks like it was written in tape.  Who was in charge of that? Because if it had been me, it would have been in some Olde English font, like this:

London 2012

Am i right?


Rob said...

Totally agree about the parents, because you know at some point (probably many) the kids didn't want to work so hard, or they wanted to go do normal things. I don't know if I could be so pushy without thinking, "Who really wants this? Me or my kid?" But now they have Gold medals, and they are thanking their parents. But there are hundreds of other kids who never made the team and are neurotic with no reward...kinda sad.

Joel said...

Wait, when did you abandon your principles and join Facebook?

)en said...

Dang, did that font work?? I can't tell from my phone!!

FB-- it's been a while. But I'm not in love. Definitely could be a post for another day

)en said...

UPDATE: alright, sean pointed out that the logo kind of looks like the old greek writing like the Athena yogurt or something, which i can see. So that's pretty cool. It's just too bad there's no E in it so they could use the epsilon. What? I think about these things.

Valerie said...

You're totally right, on many counts. Let's start at the end: I hate the logo. It's too Stussy 1992.
I also looooooooove Chad Le Clos. He was just so shocked about winning. And it's not like he can be new to winning; he's an Olympian. But he was so sincerely honored. I couldn't get enough of him
And I agree about basketball and tennis. I'm like, find someone who cares, I'm watching table tennis.

Speaking of which, Badminton. Ugh. UGH. I can't even speak of it. It gets me so mad.

Chariots of Fire should be played at all track events. I read an interesting article about that movie. I'll try to find it and send it to you.

Katie said...

I totally agree about basketball and tennis and the likes! I'm glad other people agree because poor Ryan had to listen to me vent about this very point every time he watched a basketball game. I just like watching people who train for the Olympics, not people who just happen to be in the Olympics because they're good and it's the off-season...Anyway. Now that that's off my chest...awesome post!

)en said...

Hey friend!! So fun to "see" you.

Amen and amen. I'm glad others are on board with this idea. Let's get a petition going or something.