Thursday, August 09, 2012

Would-be Olympic Events

Alright, fellow olympianists (I'm trying to think of a term that means "Lover of olympics."  I haven't nailed it yet. Help me out.)   Let's think about all the events we've seen so far.

You have your typicals: diving, swimming, other water events, gymnastics, track and field.

You have your weightlifting and your combat events--fencing, judo, Taekwando, etc.

Classy-- equestrian, rowing, etc.

Speedwalking should probably be its own category.

Randoms, or game sports--  Skeet shooting, table tennis, badminton, trampoline.

Then you have your what-the-heys, like triple jump, that weird bike event where they start off super slow and race in a bowl, and the weirdest of all--steeplechase. What on earth?? I don't even know exactly what it entails other than one giant hurdle and jumping into a big puddle of water.  I watched it for the first time ever a few days ago and was stunned.

But I've been thinking of other possible events, would-be events, and actually, should-be olympic events.  Here's what we've come up with so far:

Tug-of-war.  I actually looked up a list of events on Wikipedia and this was an event, from 1900-1924. Awesome! *chanting* Bring it back! Bring it back!  
Roller Derby.  Are you kidding me? this is so obvious to me.  
 And on that note, (if you clicked on the link)  hoola-hooping
log-rolling, inspired by this gal
Double Dutch. In addition to longevity, we decided an added difficulty rating could be based on the complexity of the song/chant you choose to perform while jumping. Is it a tongue-twister? Do you have to say names in the right order? These things count.  
Team pogo-stick, obviously.
Going along with that, juggling.  
Obstacle course. Can include running through tires, carrying an egg in a spoon, putting on several items of clothing and taking them off, eating a cracker and then whistling, and possibly finding a flag in a pit of slime.   
Ok, I've done some research and apparently steeplechase is some kind of obstacle course, but wouldn't mine be more fun and varied?

While trampoline was on--which, by the way, is totally what my event would be. It was so clear to me when I saw it-- Julian was busy inventing his own event.

Introducing blanket-jumping: 

I knew i'd get to the olympics somehow!

Lastly, here are some olympic suggestions my sister has.  I totally love it and am in support of this, especially having a Joe Shmo contender in every event.

Alright, what else should be events?  I know you've thought about this.


Joel said...

What's wrong with "athlophile"?

Valerie said...

How about this?

Please note that they are, of course, German. Please also not that there are judges. JUDGES, Jen. There are people who have decided the rules.


I was watching Synchronized Swimming this morning, and, as much as I wish it wasn't true, I'm afraid that might be my sport.