Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sean Quote: William Shatner

The other night Sean and I watched The Captains, a documentary by William Shatner of him interviewing all the Star Trek captains. First of all, it was awesome. See it today. And then Sean said,

"There's a part of me that expects to see a young William Shatner when I look in the mirror."

I immediately fled to the computer to record it and upon my return he said,

"What just happened? It's the most true thing I've said in days."

*Jen runs back to the computer*


Joel said...

Let's just be glad he said "young."

)en said...


Ashley said...

*googling 'young William Shatner' *

Sean said...

Maybe something like this.

Ashley said...

I can see it. You might have a new career ahead of you as an impersonator.