Monday, May 07, 2012

Bonding Time

The other night at dinner, Julian and I were chatting and I spilled into reminiscence, spurred on by his new high chair-turned stool that has been pushed up to the table making him look like a real grown-up boy.  The dialogue went like this:

JEN: Julian, I love your stool! It reminds me of when I was a little kid and we'd go visit my grandma and grandpa. They lived in Idaho and the drive was 4 hours long and we would drive in the big blue Suburban. My mom and dad would put a mattress in the back and Ash and I would be back there and sleep on it, which unfortunately is frowned upon now, you might say. But it was so fun!  We'd finally arrive, and they had the cutest little red brick house.  And you'd walk in and in the kitchen on this side table were these two little stools where Ash and I would sit and I sat in a little stool JUST like yours! I LOVE your stool!

to which Julian replied, with matched enthusiasm, reaching for his straw with his mouth, "I love my milk!!"

And we sat and basked in the wonderful warmth of togetherness, just the three of us.


Alanna said...

First of all, I love this story. I love how kids can say answers like that and it's just perfect and funny and adorable all at the same time.

But I'm totally confused by your ending, "Just the three of us." Was Sean there not saying anything? Or is the stool (or the milk?) the third party?

I definitely need some clarification there.

Valerie said...

Is the third party the stool or the milk?

Also, that is too bad that "the Law" frowns upon mattresses in the backs of cars. My parents used to put the seats down in the back of the maroon station wagon so we could lie down.

This is a veeeeeeery early memory; they didn't do this for long, because California's seatbelt laws were early in coming.

The good old days.

Tell J. congratulations on his stool (and his milk).

)en said...

Shoot, you're right. There were 4 of us-- me, Julian, his milk, AND the stool. Didn't want to leave him out. Sean unfortunately missed out on this bonding moment. He'll never be quite as close with julian's stool.

Ashley said...

Love this. For 6 reasons. You'll have to guess what they are. :D

)en said...

1) the play on "stool" and julian's stool

2) because you were there in the back of the suburban with me

3) and on the other stool, so you know what I'm talking about

4) because Julian loves his milk

5) because you like me

6) because you like my blog???

Ashley said...

Pretty good. I just randomly tossed out the number 6, since there was so much debate about who the "three of you" were, but yeah. That about sums it up.