Monday, November 07, 2011

Is it a crime?

So we know that punctuation crimes are committed by the thousands... millions... on a daily basis.  There are those of us who have quietly dubbed ourselves Vigilantes for the  Atrocious Misuse of Punctuation, or V.A.M.P, but today i messed up typing something and wanted to ask a question:

Brace yourselves: How annoying would it be to mix up parentheses/brackets? Using them interchangeably, even combining them.  Because when i did it i was like, WHOA... and then.. ha. that's kind of fun.  It felt kind of liberating.  I kind of love it.

(So would it bother you?]    {And how much?)   {{Sometimes i like doing things like this just to torture people who i know it would bother}}   (Ash.


Joel said...

Don't make me strike you down with my Chicago Manual of Style.

Kim said...

Jen! Sorry it's taken me forever to get back to you. Moving and all, ya know. We're in Morningside Heights (at 113th and Broadway).

)en said...

oh man, we should meet up somewhere!

Ashley said...

Make that two Chicagos. I hate you. (And love you because you know me so well.)

) <— There, that's the closing parenthesis that should follow my name.

Also, what about the misuse of spaces? I believe there are two before "Atrocious." So if you're really going to be a vigilante, I think you should start there.

Pedersen Posse said...

Totally bothered. Thanks.

Kim said...

Yes please! Because as of this moment I have exactly one friend in the city and it's the guy who sits on my corner and asks me to buy him a donut every morning.

Maybe in a couple weeks when we're a little more settled!