Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Horn o' Plenty o' Pictures

Just wanted to give you something to look at while you stuff your face.

The other day Sean took Julian to the museum or something and sent me a picture of this:


and i immediately responded, "why is that not in my hand??"  
because why is it not in my hand.

A couple of months ago we visited Storm King, this crazypants giant outdoor modern sculpture park. It was pretty wild, i'll tell you.  We took a tram ride around the place and got a tour.  So many cool things. I was extremely visually stimulated. I highly recommend this. It's about 40 minutes outside of the city.
Here's a pic.

And this is the view from the visitors building.

I've been taking pictures of fun things here and there, mostly the beautiful leaves, per tradition.  And per tradition, i always forget that the physical manifestation of our autumnal equinox comes in November instead of October.  Actually my brain did remember. I even told someone who was ready to experience their first eastcoast fall and was feeling nervous, "no! don't give up hope! It comes in November!"   But my heart wasn't sure if it believed me.   It's soooo pretty here.

 What's Julian looking at?

 Why's he so happy?

Ah, because he is looking up at this gorgeousness. (i hate writing captions)


Here he is, my protege. 

 I have high hopes for Eyotes.

There is this amazing tree by our house. I call it the rainbow tree. It's too bad that fall leaves never show up as vividly on camera as they do in real life. I guess that's Mother Nature's way of saying, "get off the electronics and go outside, you sloth."  (mother nature's mean) 

I just love the fun colors with the Bklyn brownstones. Spotted this jewel also near my house:

and this

3 cheers for Thanksgiving lights.  Why not?

Happy Thanksgiving! Also, per tradition...


Ashley said...

Gorgeous pics. Love the frankness of Mother Nature. And I love the pictures of Julian. I miss that face! (Oh yes, and Eyotes.)

Joel said...

I too am disappointed in my attempts to photograph scenery. I gave up a few years ago, though, so kudos for persevering.