Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Crafts Rock

When we were in Utah, Sean spotted a bucket of rocks in the garage and exclaimed, "what great rocks!"  My mom was overjoyed that someone appreciated her bucket of rocks she gathered near her home in Idaho.  If anyone would appreciate that, it would be Sean.   But they were nice smooth rocks which even I can appreciate. Something my mom likes to do is paint rocks. So paint rocks we did. I regret not getting pictures of all the rocks but I snapped some of Sean's and mine.  Me, I'm not so handy with the crafts. I'm not very design-y. But I do what I can. Here are our rocks.

First, Sean's:

As usual, our comments went from "wow!" and impressed, to "Geez, Sean"  and bitter/jealous. Ok, not really, but it sorted reminded me of this occasion, as does one of the rocks. Sean has a certain style, no? Stunning. He is such a wizard. He did the swirls freehand and used tape with the 2nd rock.

Side shot:

*Ahem* but talk about stunning, here's mine! As thorough and accurate as I could painstakingly be. It was a chatty activity but you heard no chatter from me. I've never concentrated so hard in my life.


Rob said...

Wow, I think I must have ADHD. I would have taken enough time to paint it yellow with a black smiley face.

You guys are impressive, with both your skill and patience.

Amber Alvarez said...

While I had previously heard about these rock paintings verbally. Pictures are worth a lot more words. What beauties!

Natalie R. said...

Wow, those are all super impressive!!! I couldn't even paint on a piece of paper that well, that's pretty awesome. So what do you do with them now, just out of curiosity??

)en said...

gaze at them lovingly.

and they make pretty good paper weights, which i thought were mostly useless until i had a bunch of papers a-strewn all over my desk right next to the A/C.