Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Jengerbread Houses

Oh how i love making puns with my name. I will never ever stop, no, not ever. No matter what anyone says.

This year my mother really wanted to decorate gingerbread houses because she has never been able to do one just by herself what with her 18 kids and all. 8, 18.. it basically feels like the same. So she and i went on a mission to find the awesomest candy, anything you could think of to make even awesomer houses. And we bought the gingerbread house kits instead of making it herself which she should never have to do again. She, my dad, my sister, and Sean and I had our decorating party Christmas Eve and it was buckets of fun.

We took our decorating very seriously. All of us would periodically look over at Sean's house and boo and threaten to knock it down because he's so good and his house was so perfect. We're a loving family.

Here we all are, hard at work.

And here are the finished products.

Here's my pop's house:

And my mom's:

Check out the roof made with foam popcorn. Niiiice.

Here's Stephanie's house:

Here is mine.

and Sean's

and some emblishment. So pretty. He said he was going for an all white theme. And of course it is crisp and pristine, very Sean-esque. How he got his frosting to come out like that, i'll never know. I think he has magical powers.

And here's a view of the table.

Good times all around. Which is your favorite? No, i'm not competitive. It doesn't matter which one you like the best except um.. hello, coconut roof?? No but really, you can tell me.

I have some more Christmas pictures i should post. Maybe i'll do that in the next few days and then we'll move on... Hope you all had the best Christmas ever.


Brooke said...

Jen, when I saw your fluffy roof, I thought, "Coconut? Brilliant!" So, kudos!

Also, Sean's is quite pretty. So, I vote Morello. :)

Michelle said...

I have to say they all look wonderful. But yeah, the coconut roof took the prize. Congrats.

Ashley said...

As I have an affiliation with all of the people in the competition, I don't think I'll pick a favorite. But I will say that the coconut roof is amazing, Sean's is freaking cool, and I'm totally sad I missed out on the gingerbread madness. Of all the years to be in Poland...

Joel said...

I must admit, I'm jealous. I've never made or decorated a gingerbread house. I feel like I'm so deprived...

)en said...

Ah yes, thank you very much. Ash, it wasn't the same w/out you. I was very excited about my coconut roof. Also, the stone path is cool too. You can't really tell though. (made out of candy in the shape of little rocks)

I give anyone permission to use any of my cool ideas for future house-decorating. Real or gingerbread.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the classic catagories of houses: Real, Gingerbread, doll, "Of Pain", etc. etc.

)en said...

ha ha. what the. it took me forever to realize who the hey that was. residential contractor... :P geek alert!