Monday, June 13, 2011

Would You Rather Monday

Would you rather jump into a bathtub filled with ice water -OR- a bathtub full of lukewarm egg salad?

This is funny to me.  Like, "Ah maaan... egg salad? Well, at least it's warm."   If anything, it being lukewarm would make it worse. Even though it's not meant to be bathed in, I'd still like to do it at its ideal chilly temperature, as nature intended.  Then at least i could eat it while i bathed.  hahaha, ewwww...  (Isn't that a Seinfeld episode?)

Would you rather blow a 30 point lead in a basketball game, but still find yourself 2 points up with one minute to play -OR- come back from being down 30, but still be down 2 with one minute to play?

What? Is this a joke? As anyone knows, anything can happen in a minute (even a new york minute), so being up 2 points is no guarantee. And it would be quite embarrassing to blow a 30 point lead.  It's far better to catch up from being 30 points down. Even if you don't win, that was a great come-back attempt.  I was a participant in a nail-biting game-winning buzzer shot once.  Did i make the shot? No. They passed it to me and i passed it to the other girl who made the shot, because i'm good under pressure like that. Good at making the call, that is. (we won, didn't we)

Would you rather run across a hungry alligator's back -OR- run underneath an angry elephant? 

This makes me laugh. run across an alligator's back...I feel like that should be an idiom or something. "Don't go running across that alligator's back..."  Well, I really have no idea, do I.  I can be snapped and chomped to death in an instant or I can be kicked and stomped into a Jen pancake (just typed Jan pencake--ha ha. Yay spoonerisms.) (I wish that was my name.) (Also, this reminds me of a woman I'm friends with who thinks my name is Jan and refers to me as such in emails. Always. Even if i sign them, "Jennifer"--as if that would make it more obvious than just "Jen."  But it could be a misread. Makes me laugh.)    Well, one question: What is our terrain? Are we on hard land with the elephant? A swampy everglade with the alligator? I guess i'd rather run underneath the elephant. Maybe since he's big he's slower. And I just have zero faith in my running/balance skills + reflexes on something that's bobbing in water, let alone with razor sharp jaws. 

Speaking of elephants...

Would you rather be born with an elephant trunk -OR- a giraffe neck?

Aw geez, how sad.  Well, with plastic surgery these days, couldn't they fix my nose? Are we speaking on very literal terms here? Like as if an elephant's nose were sewn onto my face? I mean, they have prosthetic noses. They could just swipe the whole thing off.  If i had a real giraffe's neck, i'm assuming nothing could surgically be done. I've got a spine and nerves and stuff.  Then again, it would help me to reach those very high leaves.

Would you rather come home to find that a prankster has nailed all your windows shut -OR- has taken the labels off all your canned goods?

What?? Not my canned goods!!!  That prankster!! (it's so hard for me not to italicize everything)  Yeah, honestly i don't really care either way. How hard is it to pull out nails? And it would be a fun surprise every time I opened a can.  Plus, like Justin Bieber, I enjoy a good prank. I say, BOTH. 

If you had only one toy, would you rather have an Etch-a-Sketch -OR- a container of Silly Putty.

I love these questions, like my life revolves around these things.  Toys & canned goods.   Alright, just kidding. Obviously toys are essential for survival.   I enjoy both.  I have practiced writing my name in cursive for years on an Etch-a-Sketch which is usually all I do with it--write words.  I enjoy me some Silly Putty but my activity of choice with that one is to fold it over, creating an air pocket and then making it burst with as satisfying a sound as possible.  Hmm.   I'm going with the etch-a-sketch.

What about you?


Ashley said...

Jan Pencake is your new pen name!!! I love it.

Also, interesting views on the etch-a-sketch. I was totally going silly putty. The etch-a-sketch is so 2-dimensional. You could mold anything with the silly putty you might want to draw—and do so much more! (Am I changing your mind?)

Rob said...

1. Do I have to stay in the bathtub long? If no, ice water, then I'm done and have no egg salad in my nethers.

2. Tough one. After Lord of the Rings I would have to go with Elephant (or oliphant). That'll be over quick if it doesn't go well.

3. Trunk. At least I can walk through doors and it'd be like having a third arm. Not to mention being a riot at pool parties. (I go to a lot of pool parties)

4. It's summer in AZ. I would thank the prankster who nailed my windows shut.

5. Silly putty of course. Endless possibilities.

Anonymous said...

one of my favorite games!!
thanks for the good laugh.

Alanna said...

How deep is this bathtub? Because I think jumping into any bathtub would either a) only get my ankles wet or else b) hurt all over a lot. Do I just have an unusually small tub????

And I would definitely run over a crocodile. If you stand on their mouths, it's hard for them to open up, so I think I could make it. I had elephants chase after me on safari and I don't think I want to mess with them! (The guide provoked them on purpose. It was the coolest thing ever!)

I'd have to take the silly putty. I never have the patience to do much with an etch-a-sketch. Plus, you can always do that thing where you stick the silly putty on newsprint and then mess with the person's face. That could occupy me for days.

And, I was just talking with a friend named Jen and she was saying how often people manage to screw up her name. So I had to tell her your story. I thought this only happened if no one knew how to pronounce your name like me!!! (Do you have any idea how many times I've told people, "It rhymes with iguana. Not banana." Sheeeeesh!)