Tuesday, June 28, 2011

foundation for something or other

Let me start off today saying that I feel the need to be a part of some super cool organization.  A co-founder of an awesome foundation for something or other*.  Anyone have any suggestions? Think about that and get back to me by the end of this post, will you.

Yesterday I went to Target with Julian.  When we got home, I parked the car in front of the fire hydrant so as to lurk and wait for someone to vacate a parking spot as there were none.  As i sat waiting, having stuffed an entire cheese cracker sandwich in my mouth (saltine size, if you must know), the man who has the little furniture shop across the street waved to me and i rolled down my window.   He is the friendly sort of face that says, "I am a nice guy," and means it.  We have visited his shop and see him and wave from afar very often on our walks.   He asked if i was waiting for a spot and i said yes, and i know it's silly that i keep trying to find one at midday since it is almost impossible and i may or may not tell Julian to say a little prayer to find a spot, every time we come home (sacrilege), but there we were.  He asked me how motherhood was and I said it was ok. He then introduced himself and I immediately reciprocated, for our interactions have been such that we should have made our acquaintances many moons ago.  I like him.

He was Mike, and he then peer-pressured me to try to park in a spot across the street that was perfect for this car.  "Yeah right!" I said. "I will help you!" he replied.  So, to amuse him and because it beat idling by a fire hydrant, I tried.   He backed me in, and i pulled out and tried again, backed me in, pulled out again. Passersby would walk by, point, and shake there head very definitely.  (it is not unusual for a passerby to help you parallel park. I think it's the "we're all in this together" way of thinking)  I am kind of a hit & miss parallel parker. (<-- what if that was your name? Hi, I'm Miss Parallel Parker. People call me Para.) I've squeezed into the most impossible spots on the first try, with seriously centimeters on either end. But if i think too much about it or if someone's watching me, forget about it, I am like an idiot, and I have to drive off shamefully, totally embarrassed.

And that's how I met Mike, officially.

In the end, in case you were wondering, I parked a block over and we had a nice leisurely walk home, because guess what? I have a kid who WALKS now. Not sure i've mentioned. It happened about a month ago. Yes, he's 22 months now. I am still gleeful about it. 

The city public pools open tomorrow. Who's excited? ME.  I'm working on a blog project that I will hopefully introduce soon but I just wanted to say hey and try to give you something new even though this post gets a B- at best. I know it. No one needs to say it.  It's ok. We all have our moments. Even me, ha ha ha.
And to round it off, a random movie review:

Movie #1: The Adjustment Bureau.  Started off well. Ended with a horrible crash and extremely painful & stupid burn.  See it today if you want to kill a bit of your soul.

Movie #2: Taken.  Starring Liam Neeson. And that's really all i have to say. Is it good? Yes. Should you watch it? Yes. Why? Liam Neeson, Liam Neeson, Liam Neeson.

One last thing. Can't get enough of this song lately. Why can't I sing like that? Life is so unfair. (Also, could i be the ninja dancing in the flour?)

(Any ideas on my Foundation?)

*should that be the name perhaps?


Joel said...

My foundation would be to take homeless people off the street and teach them job skills. But you can go ahead and start it if you have the means.

Ashley said...

I'm kind of in love with Adele ['s voice] too. I heart "Hometown Glory."

Amber Alvarez said...

I want to start a foundation too, but right now I'm focusing on an art motivation group.

Can we just have a movie club? <--Lazy

Also, when I found my foundations, not that I started them, just that I volunteer with them - The Ink Well and The Trevor Project I found one on Craigslist community postings and the other on Twitter.

I am very excited for you. I know that you will find the perfect thing to do.

)en said...

I think I need to really "found" one. It needs to be my own. I have an idea. I'll let you know, and Amber, I may have you to thank.

Annie said...

Can't even stand it, she's so good. I can't even stop myself from singing along, even though it just reminds me of my weak sauce vocals.