Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Day After Yesterday

I'm going to post some pictures for you, to give you something to look at. It's a hodgepodge. A potpourri, you might say, but instead of smelling, of looking. (Some are pictures of us smelling, though. As a verb, i mean.) Enjoy.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. We went to breakfast early in the AM. This is what i unintentionally wore. I came out of the room and said, "What the? I look like a marine..." And Sean said, "... in honor of Memorial Day!!" a little too excitedly. He then tried desperately to think where he had put some dog tags he owned but couldn't remember. Darn.

Walking around the 'hood:
Julian's hair makes his head look twice its actual size. We cut it last night and i think he lost 3 lbs.

About a month ago we visited the cherry blossoms at the botanic gardens down the road.  They were glorious.  Hello, blossoms!

Here's a video:

 At the gardens there is a cove of various lilac bushes. It is delicious.  So many colors, so many smells. It's like a drug stop, legal and free to the public, for all to get high on nature. That's right.  Here we are teaching Julian the ways of the lilacs:

Yes, I think he's getting it.  Good enough to eat, am I right?

I love this next picture tremendously. I thought I loved the lilac scent.  Take it in, Julian. Take it in.

There are these woven huts some artist made and put up in the gardens.  Artist name: Patrick Dougherty?
You can go in them and run around. Good times.

This is at the cherry blossom festival, pre-festivities.  We got there early so we got our pick of the inflatable smiley face chairs before the music started.

While we were there, I saw this amazing cloud--the cloud shape that beats all other cloud shapes. Behold, the doughnut cloud!

 (and yes, that's my finger. I'm a professional)

This got me all hungry, so a couple of weekends later we visited the best doughnut place that I know of in NYC, The Doughnut Plant. Here is a pic of their assortment:
June fools!! Those are pillows on the wall!  But they look tasty, and I would eat them, or at least suck on the fibers to absorb the flavor of the doughnuts baking in the store. Mmmmm.
Here is a real pic of some doughnuts there. They are outstanding. They have some regulars but their menu changes often.  They make it all there and they are amazing. I still hold that the best glazed doughnut certificate belongs to the friendly folks at Lehi Bakery in Lehi, UT, but these are really something special, especially the creme brulee, my favorite.

This trip we got:

2 creme brulee
the Blackout Cake (cake doughnut)
the Salty Nut Cake
a square Vanilla Glazed Yeast with Blackberry Filling, (I swear i've forgotten all the rules of capitalization)
a Mango Cake
and a Carrot Cake (with cream cheese filling).

A friend recently told me National Doughnut Day is June 3rd this year (first friday of every june), so if you're looking for a place to visit, here it is.

Our doughnut stop was actually on the way home from visiting my home-away-from-home: the Museum of Natural History.   A few pics:
Me and Julian by the T-rex, giving our best dino-roars.  Julian's is a bit more authentic.  

We also visited the special live butterfly exhibit. Now, I love butterflies--who doesn't? There were butterflies of all colors and sizes from countries around the world!  So this was going to be great.  Until we got in the rain forest jungle room with the butterflies.

They were just flying around our heads, perching on people's hands and arms. On the way out there was a sign instructing us to use the big mirrors to make sure we weren't taking any stowaways. Ha ha. *shudder*

They were very pretty though...

Yet creepy. Here are Sean & Julian with a killer butterfly ready to attack and pounce on their faces at any moment.

We also saw some lions and tigers and bears and other animals and as a treat, I got to go to the new space show in the planetarium.  <-- I first typed plantarium.  Significantly less cool.   p.s. why do they have regular chairs in the planetarium? We're all going to be looking up. At least give us recliners or removable headrests.  Am i right?? Who's with me? 
Lastly, there is this super pretty block nearby where people use bathroom fixtures as plant beds. I love it!

Yay Brooklyn. Yay spring!


Amber Alvarez said...

I have actually written letters to the planetarium about this seating travesty. They don't seem to chair. Sigh.

Did you see my favorite thing ever? The lizard dino with the holes in his skull so he can put his teeth THROUGH HIS FACE!? Oh Nat Hist Mus. It's been too long, too very lonnnng.

All these double sniff pics are magic.

Also, um, this comment is getting long, but thank you kindly for so methodically listing the doughnuts you bought. That was my favorite part.

)en said...

I was JUST thinking i needed to itemize those better so it was more clear, which I have now done. Ha.

You've written letters?? Let's write more! I'll help.

Ashley said...

You totally had me with the pillows. June fools indeed. Also, thanks for posting some pictures. I miss seeing your face.

Natalie R. said...

I have to say, your blog often really makes me miss living in the city!!! You guys got to do so many fun things, I love it! I also love Julian losing three pounds after his hair cut, and I love that you got to see dinosaur bones. Oh yeah, and excellent picture as a marine! ;0)