Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 3: Seriously? Only day 3?

Ok, so my mom told me in an email that by the 3rd day it gets a lot easier. you get to know the routine, etc etc. I agree that the first day is just terrible, not knowing ANYTHING about anything.  But the construction is still there and you know, I really think 90% of it is this @#$% construction. Seriously. As if i don't already feel like a stranger in alien land. i can't even feel like i have some semblance of control inside the doors.  Bonus, the workerman leaves saws and knives on the floor. This is not an exaggeration.  He came down to the kitchen where i was helping kids get food and whatnot and he was trying to open a bag of grout, grabbed the knife on the cutting board (used to cut an apple that was on the board), cut open the bag, grabbed a kid's cup that was on the counter, filled it with water to pour in the bag, then later on i came in and saw his mess and empty bag and knife on the floor. Wow, really?  Thanks for throwing that into the excitement of the house of horrors, in which i've already come across glass, a razorblade, and many nails.  Old house, i know, but i guess i'm just looking out for the kids. Sue me.  Also was using a small electric saw that Julian and i tip-toed around on our way to a nap. The fun never ends.

Wow, i don't blame aaanyone for using TV or movies or any form of multimedia to entertain the kids so you can sneak away.  In fact, i applaud them. I try to with Julian but he isn't into it. But now with older kids--WOW. It's so imperative to one's survival, as i have learned firsthand. So great job to everyone, for having the sense to use this tool of miracles.

Now let's talk about the shower/bath situation. As i mentioned, there is no working tub or shower. That's what the guy's working on.  Thus, how do we clean ourselves? you may ask.  Well, that's a great question. First, I actually bathed all the kids in the kitchen sink the first night. Julian and Thing 3 fit ok, but Things 1 &2 had to sit on their knees. They did it mostly for fun. I mostly just wanted the smallest kids to bathe.  Last night we all needed a bath desperately so we did the only thing we could: bathed in the gross crusty utility sink in the scary freezing basement of wonders & nightmares.  At the risk of being immodest, I really need to sketch a stick figuring of me trying to crouch in it. It was an experience i'll not forget. But then i stood up and washed my hair and all is well. 

After that first day and many, many tears, i made Sean promise to come home for dinnertime for the rest of the days we're here.  Because that's what i cannot do alone. It's Julian too, he's so danged needy. I'm already a cripple from having to lug him around as i do, but now he's even leechier. Leechy-er.  Amazing.  Anyway, i'm getting boring again (getting?)

4 cheers for the weekend.


Alanna said...

Construction projects are the worst thing in the world. We've had plenty of them, and they make the house a pigsty while simultaneously giving you LESS house to live in! I at least have the one advantage that it's always my husband doing the work, so there aren't any strange men in the house, and if he leaves dangerous things where the kids would get them, I can yell at him for it. (That's a little trickier with strangers, although with the examples you gave, I think it might still be called for.)

Hang in there!!!

Alanna said...

P.S. Craig was just reading your blog over my shoulder. He thinks they should fire their contractor. Did they give you hiring/firing power when they put you in charge of their home? ;)

)en said...

I think he's a friend of a friend, or relative of a friend or something. And he's probably a real nice guy and I'm extra nervous and probably overly cautious with my toddler, but STILL, right??

These friends are very much into renovating and having things "just so"--kind of particular and very hip and whatnot, so Sean and i decided that as payback, we were going to make a few "changes" and redesign everything while they're gone. :) Thanks for the comments. Fo' real.

Scoresbys said...

God bless the TV. That's all.

Britta said...

LOL about your payback.

This sounds like a joke. It's almost unbelievable how terrible your situation is! I've been there with babysitting four kids before, but not with the construction. What a nightmare!

I second the blessings on the TV. I'm lucky that Grace already loves movies. It's the best time for me to shower.