Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Would You Rather Rainy Day

Would you rather have hiccups 2 days a week -OR- that burnt tongue feeling all the time?

Hmm. Tough. The burnt tongue bothers me and i'd say, even irritates me, but having the hiccups drives me utterly MAD and i'd rather just end it all than endure one more minute. But it would just be two days a week. Ok, i choose 2 days of madness. I could blog about it and it would be interesting, and i would be a less sympathetic character than one of those people who have the hiccups all the time (so sad), but it's more interesting than blogging about having the burnt tongue feeling all the time. Right? Maybe i'll try out both the next time i have them.

Would you rather find out that one of your 2 children is a genius, but the other is slow -OR- that both are average?

I don't know. I would expect the second option but if the first, at least I have Sean here to relate--to both of them. He told me the other day that, as a child, he was thought by teachers at one time to be a genius, and at another to be autistic.   Just makes me laugh...

Would you rather be a big slow bird -OR- a fast little fish?
Question: Am I common prey as a big slow bird? If I am, and I'm slow, that seems to be a bad combination. Then again, if i exist, my species must be able to survive somehow.  I'm going to choose bird. Like i've said before, i feel bad for fish because they're always wet and cold! and i feel like everything else under the sea eats the small fish.  And another question: As the slow bird, can i still fly? If so, sold.

Would you rather have no public trash cans exist -OR- no public toilets exist?

I have trained myself so that, when I'm out, i am like a camel. I can go a long time without having to drink water. This isn't because i live in a desert and have to travel long distances, like camels, but because i have no idea if i'll find a decent public toilet or an indecent one, even.  And, if worse did come to worse, i live in a town where peeing to the side of the road or in a subway station corner is commonplace & natural.  On the other hand, I've gotta have access to trash cans. I really hate carrying around garbage. It's so gross.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, would you rather have only a television (with full satellite programming) -OR- share the island with another human being you hate?

This is interesting. first, I'm kind of a solitary soul, and I like TV and islands, so the first option sounds rather perfect.  On the other hand, if it's to be forever, i might choose the second.  It would make life more interesting. Plus, i can't really imagine it being difficult. Who do i really HATE? Who? Like, Al Roker? George Lopez?  I don't really have anyone in my life who i hate, personally, and if i did and was stranded with them, i'm sure that we could work things out, and we'd have time enough for me to see that underneath it all, they're just a scared child in need of a little love & friendship.

There's a theme here.  Would you rather get stranded in the jungle -OR- in the desert?

Obviously i need to weigh out my food options. Like it seems like there'd be more water access in a jungle. However, I've been in a jungle before and I thought i was going to DIE from the heat. As one who ranks quite high on the wuss-o-meter, and as one who's seen all of the Survivorman episodes, i'm choosing desert.   Oh wait, I was thinking there would be a beach.  I mean by water.  Because on that episode Survivorman was like, "this is easy! I eat fish and crab every day! It's so warm and temperate, i don't even need anything and i can gather rainwater easy as pie."  I think he said it was one of the easiest locations (hardest? Australian Outback. Noted.)   I think i can remember that episode well enough, so I think i'd be ok.  Plus, all those jungle bugs crawling on you at night? Eww.


Alanna said...

Random comments: I hate that burnt-tongue feeling. It makes all your food taste not as good. In Japan, they called that "cat tongue." I think it's a good name for it.

And about slow, big birds: first of all, you're right-- anything that can fly beats being a cold, wet fish. No contest there. When I went on safari, there was a girl in our group who was not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. We were looking at an ostrich and she blurted out, "I can't wait to see one fly!"

I couldn't help myself and yelled, "FLY?!?!?" And then the guide cut in with, "Ostriches are flightless."

And then. She got mad at ME for making her look dumb. Like that one was my fault. Yeesh!

Anyway, I'd rather be a bird. But not an ostrich. Maybe an albatross!

)en said...

ha ha! that is a great story. Though I can't laugh too much because i am, afterall, the girl who used to think penguins were adult human-sized. But still, HAHA! dumb girl. I love that you shouted out. Those big flightless birds got totally ripped off.

Joel said...




No public toilets (You can use a trash can as a toilet easier than you can use a toilet as a trash can. Just sayin'.)

Human I hate (If nothing else, I could kill and eat the other person.)

Jungle (Bugs are awesome.)