Friday, April 11, 2008

Discoveries I made much too late in life

Here are just a few things that, in my opinion, I discovered embarrassingly late in my life. Things i should have known long before. I'm sure there are more, but I give you 5. Do you have any of your own? Don't be ashamed to admit it. Just read my list, particularly #3 & 4.

1- that i have a dimple in my chin. Seriously, i was like 18 when i realized this. Remember doing those gene charts in 8th grade biology class... i always put "no" for that one. Then one day i was looking in the mirror and... what the hey..??

2- that before i was born my dad's mom (who died when i was a baby) told him she'd always liked the name Jennifer. I found this one out about a year ago.

3- Penguins, even Emperor penguins (which sound large), are actually quite small (the tallest is 4 feet) and are not, as it turns out, man-sized. No, really. I thought this until way, WAY too late. But whenever they filmed documentaries, they never had any people in the shot so i had no frame of reference!! how can i tell if all i see is penguins and ice??

4- That they speak German in Austria. There is no such thing as the Austrian language.

5- That it really is spelled 'ornery.'


Joel said...

I was multiple years into college before understanding exactly what a bachelor's degree vs. master's vs. doctorate were all about.

Michelle said...

I had confused the Chrysler Building for the Empire State Building until we came to visit you for the first time.

I also thought the white part of turkey bacon was fat, like real bacon, until I was in high school. I like real bacon so much better, don't you?

Natalie R. said...

My mom used to tell us to "movez-vous." I never thought about it, and then one day after my mission I realized, "Wait, that's not French!!" It never dawned on me maybe my mom was being creative with the language.

)en said...

Ha. That's a good one. Movez-vous.

Mich, real bacon IS better than turkey. However, i actually find that turkey is a perfectly fine replacement. I feel that i have to pick and choose my fat products and if i'm going to go fatty, i'd rather have the turkey bacon and partake of the fat elsewhere, if that makes sense. Plus, i don't like the fatty part of real bacon which sometimes is what it mostly consists of. booorrring. i just fell asleep typing this paragraph.

That's not too embarrassing, Joel. For a long time i thought, when people said "MBA," that they were saying NBA and i was impressed that so many people were professional basketball players. Drr.

Scoresbys said...

I was in college when I learned that The Sound of Music was based on a true story. I was in the DI looking for cheap books and found one called The True Story of the Von Trapp Family Singers. I was in shock! I hurried home and excitedly called my mom and all my sisters with what I thought would be an exciting revelation. Little did I know that everybody in the world already knew this.