Monday, September 13, 2010

Summer of the _______.

  Fill in the blank.  I feel like every summer or maybe season, there is a food item that is the forerunner of all the other foods. You find something you like and you latch onto it for months.  

Here's mine: 

For me, this has been the summer of the AVOCADO.  If i were to sit back, hands behind my head, gaze into nothing, and try to calculate how many avocados i've eaten this summer, i would say the number would be somewhere arouuuuund.... 20-25?   That's about 2 avocados a week for 3 months.  Not bad.

So what's yours?

p.s. i just realized this looks like the book title Summer of the Monkeys.  That is not what i'm going for unless you ate a lot of monkeys this year. Also, i always always want to spell it monkies. always.


Amber Alvarez said...

Tomatoes!!!! heirloom , cherry, vine ripened, infinity!

Kim said...

For me it's been summer of the tacos, embarrassingly enough. I can't seem to stop making them. And it looks like it's giving into autumn of the stir-fry since I've made that dish about three times in the past two weeks.

Andrew said...

Summer of the "stop-at-the-bakery-on-my-way-home-from-work-and-take-advantage-of-their-"as-many-donuts-as-you-can-fit-in-a-box-for-$2.99"-special-then-proceed-to-eat-all-30-donuts-within-a-24-hour-period"

That happened at least 5 times.

Ashley said...

What a good summer you must have had, Andrew.

And now, Jen, all I can think of is Summer of the Monkeys. Nothing else will enter my brain to fill in that blank. So maybe it's time to read that book again...

)en said...

I feel like it was weird. I get a weird vibe when i think about it. Maybe i associated it with my teacher who read it to us.

And yeah, that summer sounds perfect, Andrew.

There's no shame in tacos, Kim. Stand proud!

Amber, i like tomatoes too. (that's about all i have to say)

Alanna said...

Summer of the ice cream maker. Ever since I discovered that heavy whipping cream is half the price at Costco for twice as much, we've been making ice cream all the time, alternating between vanilla for Craig (boooooooooring, but at least I can add chocolate syrup easily enough) and chocolate for me.

I don't know WHY I'm getting so fat!

lindsey v said...

When I first read this title I thought of Summer of the Swans. But I just realized what my summer was of: watermelon! I know, most people eat lots of watermelon on the summer but I seriously can't get enough of it lately.
I've eaten pounds and pounds of it the last few months.

)en said...

so you are good and hydrated. excellent!

mmm... homemade ice cream is the best.

Pedersen Posse said...

Embarrasingly enough, I have to say circus peanuts. I'm convinced there is some highly addictive chemical in them. Or it's a weird breast feeding craving.