Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Random Points

Point one.  Wait, i need a point: 

  • Ok, point one:  Last night, I was dressing after a shower and began putting on my t-shirt by stepping into it.  I got as far as one foot entirely through a sleeve before I realized what in the world I was doing.  I got a good laugh from this, and thought how awesome it would be to have a photo collection of other people's moments of complete distraction like this, but before they realize what they're doing.  The absurd idea of someone intentionally and calmly doing something like that is quite amusing to me. It's not like I was crazy or super sleepy or trying to be funny. I was just deep in thought about something else.
  • I've decided camping is by far the BEST way to celebrate Labor Day weekend.  Guess what? I love camping.  We traveled upstate a bit, like an hour and a half and found ourselves in the middle of the wilderness. The wild had produced these uber-rustic cabins containing squeaky musty old cots, a couple of light bulbs, wood floors, so many spiders, and nothing more.  We went with friends and swam in the lake and Sean got that look in his eye he gets when he's able to make a fire.  Sean is a camping wizard.  a) he's a genius at the campfires.  b) he's so danged resourceful. He can make anything out of anything. It's like being married to MacGuyver, unfortunately without the mullet.   Anyway, I think there are few things in this world better than a campfire.
  • I torture my baby on a constant basis.  Any chance i get, I tickle him.  I'm going to give him a complex, i swear.  Yesterday we sat on the grass by the big fountain down the street (gotta love living in a place where i can find pics on Google of just about whatever i want) and i tickled him mercilessly with a blade of grass. It's cute to watch him scratch his ear when i repeatedly stick the grass in. I think he likes it.
  • Now that i think about it, I have totally conditioned him.  Sometimes when he's in his high chair i get on the floor and attack his feet. Having no visibility of me, the lack of anticipation to these feet-attacks makes them all the more fun.   Anyway, so yesterday i was down on the floor wiping up a mess near him and he instantly burst into insane giggles.  I was like, what the hey? and then i realized i've trained him to be scared when i get down. excellent. 
  • I'm scared for when Louie G's closes.  Seriously. What am i going to do?  Seriously.  
  • I am a binge reader. When i've got my hands on something i like & that is riveting, i read myself almost physically ill.  I can't help it.  It's a problem.


Amber Alvarez said...

Binge readers unite! I wanna know what it is this time. I'm thinking of revisiting the HP. I have a sneaky suspicion that's what you're making yourself sick over.

Also, once I went camping on Labor Day weekend. We went to an island of fire. More specifically, FIRE ISLAND. It was so rad. Everyone with me was totes raging about it though, so that was the last camping Labor day weekend I have spent out and about, sleeping in the elements. I need to find new friends.

P.S. Sean Mullet totally got me giggling. I support this. Afterall, you tried to grow your brows for him.

Alanna said...

Okay, I TOTALLY left a comment here last night but the computer ate it. I hate that. Now I'm trying to remember what it was I even said... I think I just asked what it was you'd been reading, too. But I'm sure I put it really brilliantly or something. Yeah, that's it.

)en said...

I'm sure your comment was totally witty & insightful. Too bad we won't know for sure though. ;)

So the book I was reading was... Mockingjay. Love a good trilogy, as I've always said.