Friday, August 27, 2010


So I'm currently in Myrtle Beach. I am not writing this now but in the past.  I feel like I've traveled through time.  Irregardless, it's a little thing called "schedule post date/time."  

This is our last huzzah before summer is over.  What will yours be? or, what was it?  

I always feel sort of sad at this time of year. Even though i've been out of school for eons, i still feel a pang when I see the "back to school" signs and a twinge in my gut at the school supplies aisle.  

What's your favorite school supply? Mine is pens, obviously.  And glue. 
What's the best thing you did this summer?  I got a car and a haircut.  Pretty sweet summer.

That's it for now. See you soon.

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Pedersen Posse said...

Our last huzzah was our Oregon trip to visit the inlaws and their new home/ranch.

Do I have to pick one favorite school supply? They are all so fun! So, instead of a supply, I'm going to say my favorite (now don't make fun of me, because I know you are going to be tempted) part is taking off all the tags and stickers and getting the school supplies organized and set aside in my backpack (or in my kids' backpacks) ready for the first day of use.

Best thing I did this summer... spent some quality time with my family. We went on lots of mini vacations and it was great fun.