Friday, July 23, 2010

Gross, Julian!

Julian is so gross. Sometimes he eats things that come out of my nose!!--food things that i stick up there and then rocket-launch out using the ol' plug-one-nostril and blow, trick.    

He is so sick.


Pedersen Posse said...

He sounds like Tyler, who will eat moldy bread/cheese. A few boogers never hurt anyone. Why waste good food? At least you know he'll survive a famine because he isn't picky.

Joel said...

I'm glad we're all resisting the temptation to point out to Jen which half of that dynamic duo is the true source of the grossness.

Except I kind of just did.

lindsey v said...

I love your humor so much Jen.
I wish I could marry it.

)en said...

aw, thanks. :)