Monday, June 28, 2010

cereal thought

click here for an apparently identical post. nice.


Natalie R. said...

A couple of days ago I poured a bowl of cereal, and had milk left. Never wanting the milk to go to waste, I decided to add some extra cereal. I thought I could finish off the bag and it would be just right, but there turned out to be twice as much left! So what did I have to do? Add more milk, of course. I felt bad to have basically two bowls of cereal instead of one, but I sure enjoyed it. ;0)

Brooke said...

Cereal is one of my heart's delights. I believe this is the basis of our friendship, Jen. Sometimes I think I eat cereal for dinner a little too often. Then I think, impossible.

)en said...

Cereal for dinner is so nice but sometimes so un-filling, no?

Natalie, it's a vicious cycle. One of these days we're going to accidentally eat an entire box in one sitting.