Friday, June 25, 2010

blog games

Standing in my favorite place--the Target check-out line, and there was a card game tantalizing shoppers as a last-minute purchase. I looked on the back to figure out the rules and there was a message to persuade me even more:

"Play this game with your family and friends!"

What?? What a great idea!! Games would be so much more fun if i wasn't playing them with ________ and _________.

Fill in the blanks! Give me your funniest answers that are the opposite of who your friend would be. Winner gets a blog noogie from me.


MelBroek said...


Simon & Garfunkle? No, because that would actually be pretty awesome.

Well for me, the worst company that I can think of would be playing games with a fetus and a chimpanzee, but i realize that those things are not universally hated.

I guess my real submission would have to be: my landlord and a giant cockroach.

Andrew said...

Play this game with your ORPHANS and RAPISTS!

Stephanie said...

How about Satan and Dracula.

Joel said...

Jen and Sean

Burned ;)

)en said...

Ooooo...! Officially.

These are pretty good. Satan & Dracula-- NOT my friends. Orphans?? i don't get it, but I like it.

more, more!

Rachel said...

Rude Cashier and Really Smelly Guy

lindsey v said...

Play this game with zeal and zest!

Play this game with cookies and milk!

Play this game with a smile and a new hairdo!

(None of these are people. I don't know if I played this game correctly. But I had fun playing- with a smile and an old hairdo.)

Andrew said...

Play this game with REGRET and DESPONDENCY!

Play this game with YOURSELF and CRY!

Play this game withOUT andREW!

I think I like this game.

Alanna said...

Play this game with fear and hate! (Simpson's reference, for those of you who are into that show-- the one where Homer finds an alien that turns out to be a glowing, drugged up Mr. Burns!)

Play this game with your assailants and enemies!

)en said...

Ok, it was tough.

My favorite is:

withOUT andREW. It's just too good. Noogie for you, Andrew. Melissa, maybe you could help with this?

Runners up: Really Smelly Guy & assailants. ha ha.

Andrew said...

Woot! I love winning stuff. Even dubious honors like noogies.

)en said...

p.s. here's what mine were, originally:

my dentist and parole officer.

just.. you know, fyi.