Friday, March 12, 2010

I like the bread & knife. oh and the lamp.

Sometimes before the nap, I hold Julian in my lap and we watch some YouTube videos. Today we were feeling like some Magnetic Fields. I was holding him, typing in the address and as I got to "t..u..b...e" I was simultaneously saying (distracted, due to the typing), "want to listen to the Book of Lub..?" and it made me laugh. And he laughed, and I laughed again, and then we watched the awesome video. I wish everything in my life was stop motion.


Rob said...

I like how you refer to it as "The Nap" like it's an historical event or period like "the middle ages" rather than a daily occurrence. I am going to go have the lunch now.

lindsey v said...

This song is seriously addicting. I can listen to it like 20 times in a row. I love it.

lindsey v said...

Oh and if your life was stop motion, then I would want to come for a visit.