Monday, March 15, 2010

favorite quote

A while back, I was reading an online article about the snow storm that hit the DC area. Here's a quote. Guess what my favorite part is? (it won't be difficult)
"D.C. traditionally panics when it comes to snow. This time, it may be more justifiable than most times," said Becky Shipp, who was power-walking Friday in Arlington, Va.


Amber Alvarez said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Poor Becky Shipp. It's almost as if she left a confession on your blog too.

Joel said...

Yet another great band name, courtesy of Jen's Log: Traditional Panic

)en said...

very good band name. I totally missed that.

Yeah, i wonder if Becky was like, "AW CRAP" when she saw that blip in the article. "I told them to say i was sprinting, or shoveling snow, or playing hopscotch even..."