Monday, March 01, 2010

Conscience & sanity relieved

Dear dear friends,

How touched I am that you left so many wonderful comments to my previous post & plea for help. I think we should have monthly confessionals or something because i loved this. Also, i think your comments saved me for last week was especially trying given the recent snowfall. I can't really talk about it for that would negate my efforts to be in denial about it, but just know that you helped me more than you will know. I am dedicating a new separate post to your comments, i enjoyed them so much.

1. Totally agreed with & laughed at Rob's comment about Joel's "confession." "I care too much." ha haha. Joel's 2nd confession reminded me of another one i have, and this one is seriously serious.

Sean will totally disown me when/if he finds out about this. I don't think it was THAT gross but i have a feeling he would have died if i'd told him. But it's time to come clean. One time, in the not too distant past, we had ordered some thai food. I was prepping it for Sean and digging into a carton of steaming hot rice when i spotted a brown spot--yes, it was a bug. Probably a cockroach. It was gross. I have this thing where i don't want to give in to the grossness of reality sometimes, so i just pretend everything's fine, that I am unaffected. Just ignore it, it will go away. If i react too much, the gross thing will have won, and i don't want to let that happen. So i threw the bug away, and the rice surrounding it, and calmly resumed preparing the thai food and eating it. I'm sorry, Sean. I swear, I thought I was protecting you!! (I really wonder what he will say....)

2. Rachel, making up a confession about hitting an animal just to go with your car confessions is awesome. I do not laugh at animals getting hit by cars, but you are just a funny girl.

3. Amber, your confession is so disturbing. I canNOT believe that actually happened. This tale needs to be told at length. Because ohmygaah.

4. On that note, Sean's favorite confession? Andrew's. "Comic genius," Sean said. This means a lot, Andrew, I hope you know. :) And i agree. Totally busted up.

5. Natalie, it took a lot of courage to confess what you did. I think we were all nasty kids at some point. ;) Some time ago, my friend Brooke and i got together and read notes we wrote to each other from high school. Maybe it was the age and that's just how kids are but all of mine were like, "Dear Brooke, you are a loser!" "Dear Brooke, you are so dumb." (<-- total word-for-word opener from one...) So jerky. I was like, "geez, why were you friends with me?? Hi, I'm Jen. Jen the bully. BE MY FRIEND OR ELSE."

6. I laughed at "I nearly started drooling I'm so excited for summer to come" from one of Alanna's confessions. Also, that dream about cheating on your husband was kind of funny. I hate those dreams. I mean, where you did something horribly wrong and you feel all the guilt & emotions in a real way for something you didn't actually do. Why, dreams? why?

Thanks again for all the comments. They were delightsome and i got a bit of serotonin from reading them. Rickets gone.

p.s. feel free to continue adding confessions. i really think i might have sporadic blog posts about them, whenever i feel the need.


Natalie R. said...

I'm glad the confessions were so therapeutic, that's awesome.

Isn't it sadly hilarious re-reading notes that you wrote with friends in the past? I was cleaning out my stuff at my parents house about a year ago, and came across several pages of notes my friend Kate and I wrote to each other during study hall.* It was pretty funny, and dang were we weird!!

*Is the fact that I took a study hall one semester a confession in and of itself?? That one just kind of slipped out...

Sean said...

PROTECTING ME?! How/why/what-in-the? How many times have we ordered from cockroach haven since this event? How many servings of cockroach rice have I eaten?

I mean, with Chinese or Mexican food I would expect this, I would welcome it even... But Thai? Thai?

I am rattled... realllllyy rattled.

Joel said...

"p.s. feel free to continue embarrassing yourselves for my amusement."

)en said...


joel, i was under the impression we had all entered an e-circle of trust here. Did you forget about MY confessions? we're all friends. but now i understand your reluctance. or maybe this is due to something you need to confess. Let it out, joel. The truth will set you free.

Andrew said...

Wow, I'm honored. Thanks guys.

Want a real confession? I used to burn bugs with my magnifying glass. Seriously. Then I decided I didn't like the smell, so I burned words into pieces of wood instead. So that one has a happy ending.

Britta said...

I'm sad I missed the boat on the first round of confessions, but I was seriously uplifted by the release of conscience of everyone else. Jen, I am with you on the whole winter-is-sucking-my-life-away mood which leads me to this confession:

Some days I hit refresh on my blog every few minutes to see if I have new comments on a post. Some days I check my blog roll and the blog rolls of the blogs on my blog roll every hour or so just to be in touch with someone or something. It's bad.

Also, I've weaseled out of talking on the phone so many times it's embarrassing. I'm a total phonaphobic.

Rob said...

Sean's response to your last post, "I feel dirty."

How true...cockroach dirty.

Amber Alvarez said...

Sean's concern at eating something so dirty has moved me confess:

In the first grade, an evening of adventuring brought me to this AWESOME spot of mud, hardened to look exactly like chocolate cake. Imagine it, a field of chocolate cake.

I may or may have not, lovingly cut cubed pieces with a plastic knife, swaddled them in a napkin, sprinkled them with sugar and traded them with Scott O. for erasers shaped like soccer balls and stars during recess. *shameface.

)en said...

oh my garsh, britta-- you don't even know. You don't. even. KNOW!

Amber, that is the funniest/carefully cruelest thing ever! he probably wasn't too mad because, "A" for creativity at least.

Burned words into wood?? i want to do this now.

Sean... i should never have said a thing. Ignorance is bliss, especially Thai ignorance. I am sorry, so sorry.

Kim said...

Confession: one time my friend made a meat pie for me and it looked nas-assty so I told her I was a vegetarian so I wouldn't have to eat it. And I didn't eat meat in front of her for about three years (because I was a vegetarian) until I "decided to eat meat again."

I'm a horrible person.

But, guys, it was gross. It was . . . gelatinous.