Friday, December 25, 2009

Our christmas came early this year

hope yours is just as cute.

this was our christmas card this year, with some embellishments that are unfortunately impossible digitally. Or are impossible with regards to my current motivation level. But that doesn't minimize the sentiment we feel. Happy Christmas to you & yours.

(and yes, total cop-out-only-showing-picture-of-child christmas card. No one needs to see my face right now. I want it to be a happy time for people.)


MelBroek said...

I like this. Just thought I'd put it out there.

Do you think since we're birthday twins that I have a chance of poppin' out a kid (almost) as cute as this one?

Ashley said...

Yes, Melissa, there's a chance. But remember how you don't like kids? They ask you about that before they let you have them. ;)

Alanna said...

I love the expression on his face, but I think I love what his arms and legs are doing even more-- he looks like he's ready to stroll right out of the box, Gene Kelly style or something. AWEsome.

)en said...

Well, here's the honest truth: I agree, yes there's a chance, but also: you have a really nice face, which is good. BUT--make sure you reproduce with someone who also has a nice face. That will increase your chances to have a cute kid. I feel that the kid's cuteness greatly affects one's ability to love them, especially when they're being naughty pants.