Thursday, October 01, 2009

I freakin' love October

and i just wanted to say it before the first day of it was over. And I'm pretty sure I do a post exactly like this every year, so... woohoo!

What i love:

  • THE FALL. I love autumntime so much. I love the chilly weather and the colors are so pretty and the smells so delicious. I'm really excited to not sweat 3 liters a day. Yes, it's that plentiful--i can actually measure. (sick) And I love fall food. Pies, soups, hurrah! I'm bustin' out the ramekins and it's game on with mini-pies. get excited.
  • Clothes. I love fall clothes. A new season is a good excuse for new clothes. I love sweaters (i just accidentally typed "sewers" False. I have no love for sewers.) and boots. BOOTS!!
  • Farmers markets! They are around all year and i love them all year but they are special in the fall and October means the beginning of the apple harvest, the season of dreams (<-- ignore).
  • I love the holidays that are contained therein. Halloween? YES YES. I should just end the list here. But i won't. Thanksgiving? well, i like it fine. It's not a faaavorite, but holidays surrounding food (oh and thankfulness) are nice, right.
  • It's my anniversary in October (MINE) and i like to be reminded of this event. Sean and i usually take a day trip upstate somewhere. This year this is an idea: Storm King. It's an outdoor museum/park thing. It looks crazy cool and ethereal, my two most important qualities in things.
  • The annual chili and pie cookoff. What will i make this year? I don't know. Any suggestions? And should i or should i not drop something in the middle? Also, the chili cookoff band is back, i think. I'm thinking John Denver this year. Thoughts?

On that note, I love you, October! You fill up my senses.

Oh, and what are your favorite things about what is clearly the best month of the year?


Joel said...

Caramel apples (But, as I was reminded today, you have to seriously work to eat them—I'm exhausted.)

Alanna said...

I kind of dread the arrival of cold weather. I'm a shorts, t-shirt, and flipflops girl, so any extra work in the "getting dressed" department depresses me. But having said that, I will admit that I am LOVING apples being in season again! Yum. It makes my little Washington heart happy.

Andrew said...

I support your John Denver...ness. Apparently our musical tastes are ridiculously similar. You fill up my senses indeed!

And any excuse to dress up like Michael Jackson/The Beatles/A Preppy/A Techno Twin is a winning holiday in my book.

Natalie R. said...

I love pumpkins!!! I love eating them (pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin soup...), I love carving them, I love looking at them... And I love decorating for Halloween, too. Fall is definitely my favorite time of year.

)en said...

Andrew, i should like to see this costume. Every year i dream of having the most amazing costume ever and then i rarely even dress up. One day, this dream will be a reality.

"looking at them..." ha ha. i picture you resting your chin on your hands and staring at a pumpkin. Funny stuff. But you are right, all pumpkin foods = the best.

caramel apples are super fun in theory, but yeah you really have to gear up to eat them. Fall apples though are magical, i concur.